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Former pro wrestler arrested at RDU

Posted September 15, 2011

— Former professional wrestling star Matthew Moore Hardy was arrested and charged with driving while impaired at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Monday, authorities said.

Hardy, 36, of Cameron, was arrested after another driver saw him swerving across traffic, nearly hitting two cars.

Police say Hardy failed a field sobriety test but passed a breath alcohol test. Authorities said his speech was slurred and, at first, he tried to get out of the vehicle before putting it into park.

Hardy told police he was at the airport to pick up his girlfriend.

Hardy's next court date is Nov. 30.

Last month, Hardy was charged with DWI after police said he crashed his car into a guard rail in Raleigh.

Hardy's brother and former wrestling partner, Jeff Hardy, has also had legal problems recently.

Jeff Hardy, 34, was arrested in September 2009 and charged with multiple felony drug counts. Authorities say they found hundreds of Vicodin pills, anabolic steroids and powder cocaine.

Jeff Hardy was suspended by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2008 for a second violation of its drug policy.

He was later reinstated and won the WWE's world heavyweight championship belt, but left the company in 2009. Until recently, he was one of the top stars in the Impact Wrestling company.

Jeff Hardy was ordered last week to pay a $100,000 fine and remain on probation for 30 months as part of a plea agreement.


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  • wildcat Sep 16, 2011

    He should have been charged and he should have be locked up. He was a danger to himself as well as other people who are on the road and highways.

  • Wags Sep 16, 2011

    He was charged with driving while impared not driving while intoxicated. They are two different things. He could have taken to many aspring that impared his vision or judgement.

  • Z Man Sep 16, 2011

    This guy needs to move - next to a bar. That's where my next move will be.

  • monkeyboy Sep 16, 2011

    another fine wral article. this guy does something wrong, and half the story is about his brother.

    stay smooth, wral...

  • ICTrue Sep 16, 2011

    It says that he passed the breath alcohol test. Unless they have a blood test that shows he was impaired, then they have nothing on him. Why are some of you spouting off about jail time? He should be walking away.

  • jcargill Sep 16, 2011

    poohpdoo - you said it!!!there are too many Lohan's and Hilton's getting away with the same antics. Make them pay!!

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 16, 2011

    "Police say Hardy failed a field sobriety test but passed a breath alcohol test."

    Sounds like he got a hold of his brother's vicodin stash...

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 16, 2011

    "Guess we won't see him on anymore episodes of Scare Tactics."

    That's where I've seen him! I recognized his face immediately but don't watch wrestling...

  • poohpdoo2002 Sep 16, 2011

    It's obvious that this guy has some kind of problem with alcohol. He is not going to stop until someone seriously makes him pay for breaking the law. If they let him with a slap on the wrist, he will do it again and next time he might actually kill someone. So, I say they should make him go through some kind of treatment program and that he has to do it for a long amount of time...not just check in for a day and then check back out. Mandatory drug treatment for at least 60 days and then probation for 2 years. If he gets caught again or leaves the program early or comes up with bad drug test, then send him to jail. It's about time that these people get PUNISHED for real!!! All these drunk drivers still driving around and putting the rest of us in danger is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

  • Jeremiah Sep 16, 2011

    "What irritates me about this is that children watch these guys on TV and look up to them as role models."

    Kids shouldn't look up to athletes as role models. Especially professional (fake) wrestlers.