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Former Officer Faces Hate Crime Charge

Posted June 12, 2007

— A former Henderson police officer has been charged with ethnic intimidation after two people said he tailed them in his truck and yelled racial slurs at them, police said.

Anthony Dale "Tony" Finch, 45, of 264 Gun Club Road in Henderson, is charged with two counts each of ethnic intimidation and assault by pointing a gun and one count of carrying a concealed weapon, according to Capt. Glen Boyd of the Oxford Police Department.

Finch has been hospitalized since Friday for a mental evaluation under involuntary commitment, Boyd said. He will be arraigned by a magistrate once he is released from the hospital, Boyd said.

Two people told police Finch yelled a profanity at them as they placed a flier in a mailbox in Oxford. They said he followed them in his truck, pointing a gun out the window.

The people drove to the Oxford police station to seek help, and Finch continued to yell racial slurs and point the gun at them until officers intervened, they said.

Finch retired from the Henderson Police Department about five years ago, Boyd said.


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  • IKnowItAll2 Jun 13, 2007

    The Office of Administrative Courts has Anthony Dale Finch scheduled for court in Vance County tomorrow 6/14/07 case number 2007CR051865 Their website is www.nccourts.org

  • nikki3us Jun 13, 2007

    First of all no one needs to publish a story about this man till you know every fact and detail about it. Miss hensley got herself fired from her job for running her mouth to the boss man. Her fiancee made threats to tony's step son and everyone in his family. This so called flyer was not a flyer it was a note they had wrote threatening the lives of tony's grandchildren and tony's stepson. It was put in the mailbox of the store that tony's wife works at. Tony did not chase them to hurt them he was trying to get them to stop so he could talk to them. But apparently they were scared and had to run home like the chickens they are. Now because of this situation an innocent man is being charged for bogus crimes.. i believe justice needs to be served on Miss hensley and her fiancee too.. If someone threatened the lives of your children or grandchildren wouldn't you act the same way???

  • mckensiesmommy Jun 13, 2007


  • readme Jun 12, 2007

    This is a great example of horrible, sloppy, incomplete journalism!! What race was the officer? What race were the people he offended? Now, maybe we could argue that those answers don't matter and it's still a hate crime or whatever, but for the sake of complete journalism, don't you think those details should be in there? Wouldn't it change the tone of the story if the officer was Chinese? What if the victims where native american? Come on WRAL, report all the facts. Ask follow up questions.

  • choppa Jun 12, 2007

    I wish it was me he had done that to. I would have never pressed charges. I would have taken his gun a put it some where in his person. After that we could have been friends. We might even would have went and got a beer together. He would most likely have to stand at the bar. I know he wouldn't be able to sit down.

  • clickclackity2 Jun 12, 2007

    So, if he had said homosexual remarks to the people, while waving a gun, would you people still not consider it a hate crime? What if he had actually killed someone in the name of hate? I would hope so on both. What's the difference between racial slurs and other HATEFUL slurs. Nothing. These "so called" mentally ill people get off and out of trouble too easily. Especially, all the mothers who've killed their children.

  • jmcnugg Jun 12, 2007

    My only problem with this story is the whole "hate crimes" law....it makes a certain thought,illegal...reeks of communism

  • parr4246 Jun 12, 2007

    I realize that the people in this article didn't deserve the racial slurs that were spewed up them by Mr.Finch but they had no business putting a flier in the mailbox unless they worked for the postal service. It's against the law to put fliers in mailboxes.

  • Centurian Jun 12, 2007

    I know this guy and the department "forced" him to retire due to some "serious medical" issues. I see he has been committed to a mental hospital, so perhaps he can get the help he needs.

  • Tyrone Williams Jun 12, 2007

    I'm with the Geisha Girl, when will the man finally learn that he can't show disrespect.