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Former Halifax coach accused of indecent liberties with students

Posted April 6, 2012

— A former volunteer basketball coach at Northwest Halifax High School was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of indecent liberties with students, the Halifax County Sheriff's Office said Friday.

Erick Tyson Williams, 28, worked with the junior varsity boys basketball team, but was not a teacher at the school, according to school officials.

Williams, of 8525 N.C. Highway 903, is accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with three students – two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old – in one incident in December. The school system and authorities would not reveal the students' gender.

Parents of the alleged victims brought their concerns to school leaders in January, and Williams has been banned from campus ever since, a school system spokesperson said.

Williams was being held under a $3,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court May 2. More charges are possible, authorities said.


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  • georgegray Apr 6, 2012

    "All the more reason to home-school children.
    Does no one in govt feel any sense of civic responsibility, let alone pride in their work?" storchheim

    If you're the one doing homeschooling, then you might want to get someone else to handle the math-teaching responsibilities. If you can't see the insanity of generalizing these stories to all school employees much less all government workers, then you also might want to stay away from any casinos -- I guess you think that most lottery players are getting rich, too, right?

  • piene2 Apr 6, 2012

    "His bond is low because he isn't a flight risk.

    Well now I know that there are two of us here who understand the purpose of bail/bond. The rest are clueless.

  • DavidJonathan Apr 6, 2012

    What is it with coaches lately? I thought playing sports and being macho was supposed to guard against all manner of non-straight-adult-male behavior. What's up?

  • TipTip Apr 6, 2012

    $3000 bond... He doesn't deserve bond. Pedophiles are one of the lowest forms of creatures. I hope they throw the book at him if he is guilty!!

  • NCHighlander Apr 6, 2012

    ''...not to worry....THIS TO SHALL PASS...!!! I remember the time when homosexuals where subjected to this same kind of scrutiny, hate and called perverts and all kind of politically incorrect names....kept out of schools as teachers, the military and positions of influance....NOW look at us....it is politically incorect, and against the law, (as we are "enlightened" now), to shun these people....so like I said, this to will pass and become "accepted" behavior and politically correct, MARK MY WORDS....!!!!!'

    A small correction on your statement. It isn't illegal at all to shun, as you say, these people. We do it every day. Not in the work place but trust me we still have the same opinions we had before and discuss them frequently. Not with you but still yet, frequently.

  • jeff27577 Apr 6, 2012

    another one bites the dust

  • jonesrc Apr 6, 2012

    do kids lie for money paid by corrupt teachers? i'm just asking with all the budget cuts and all.

  • twc Apr 6, 2012

    Man-made laws don't always succeed at controlling nature's laws.

  • twc Apr 6, 2012

    SmokeWagon, so you're equating criminal behavior to homosexuals?

    I suppose you would do the same for other civil rights?

    Looks like not all have been enlightened.

    Of course, your rights are probably the only rights you favor, I guess.

  • avidreader Apr 6, 2012

    What is going on in our schools? A story like this is making the news every day!!