Former fundraisers at UNC spent thousands on 'questioned' expenses

Posted November 1, 2012

— Financial records released Thursday by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill detailed dozens of unallowable charges by former administrator Matt Kupec and former fundraiser Tami Hansbrough, including dozens of trips and meals. 

The 1,100-page release, which was a part of an audit of Kupec's travel and spending, had dozens of purchases listed under a table labeled "Questioned Costs." Some of the expenses included trips to places like New Orleans, Nags Head, N.C. and New York. 

Kupec, who formerly served as vice chancellor for advancement, resigned in September after the university began auditing his travel. Hansbrough, a fundraiser and the mother of former basketball star Tyler Hansbrough, said she was forced to resign two days after Kupec.

Sources have told WRAL News that the pair are dating.

Airfare to beaches in North Carolina totaled nearly $2,000, according to Thursday's release. 

The university listed more than $1,100 in meals that the school deemed had no "verifiable" business purpose. The audit also shows that the trips included college basketball games that allowed Hansbrough to see her other son play for Notre Dame. 

Kupec said last week that he has reimbursed the school for the trips, which totaled more than $16,000. He also said Hansbrough was unaware that the expenses weren't paid back to the university previously. 

A week after Kupec and Tami Hansbrough resigned, Holden Thorp said he would step down as UNC-CH chancellor at the end of the 2012-13 school year. He said the stress from athletic, academic and administrative scandals over the past two years had taken a toll on him and his family.


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  • james27613 Nov 2, 2012

    This is criminal, no two ways about it.

    the SBI should investigate this and AG
    should file charges.

  • superman Nov 2, 2012

    None of you apprently work for the state. They have a max for lodging and meals per day. You can spend all your want but the reimbursement is determined by travel guidelines. Thankfully this does not happen in state government. No one is allowed to submit travel without approval and guidelines are strickly enforced.

  • hmmmmm Nov 2, 2012

    Airfare for trips to NC beaches? Really???

  • rachel Nov 2, 2012

    I too was questioned by the reimbursement people when I went on a business trip to florida and so did my boss. Her travel expenses were several hundred dollars a day, I stayed a mile down the road, in a condo, per night about 50.00 and ate at the drive thrus. They called me and wanted to know how I did it so cheaply compared to her costs for the same convention.

  • 426X3 Nov 2, 2012

    Little late on this one WRAL.

  • anti-Hans Nov 2, 2012

    "I once got chewed out by my boss, for not spending enough on lodging & food, useing a company credit card. I would stay at like the Comfort Inn and eat at Capetian D's. He told me that if Top Bosses, seen I could get by on this amount, they would expect him to do the same. From then on it was the better Hotels and Red Lobster."

    Good point - I too try to travel and save the company money. But I do have to question your point when you say you ate at better places when you mentioned the Red Lobster.

  • ponyjumper07 Nov 2, 2012

    way to report the news, like 2 months late.

  • jgnc2 Nov 2, 2012

    Can WRAL please report on the real news? We are more concerned about what is going on with the economy, the crime rate, you know, things that are actually relevant to our lives???

  • vile garbage Nov 2, 2012

    Tyler is rich. Oh and he scored more than anyone you have ever met or heard of in the ACC.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Nov 2, 2012

    The Truth: You have a dirty man(Kupec)with an expense account nobody checks. Funding a made up job for a dirty woman(Hansbrough) that everyone knows about. They can enjoy their life together, carefree without spending any of their own money. They travel and laugh and party and court and spark to their hearts content until they are exposed by a dirty athletic program led by dirty coaches, players, professors, administators, and the list goes on and on. Scandalous. Oh, AND dirty. Tyler must be so proud.