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Former DMV manager gets prison time for mail fraud

Posted February 14, 2012

— A former state Division of Motor Vehicles district manager was sentenced Monday to 18 months in federal prison for mail fraud, authorities said.

Bill Toman, 54, of Fayetteville, solicited $15,000 from insurance companies in February 2009 for undercover operations in the DMV's Bureau of License and Theft and then pocketed the money, authorities said.

Toman resigned from the DMV in September 2009 after he was charged in Duplin County with buying stolen riding lawnmowers and then trying to impede a state investigation.

In addition to his prison sentence, Senior U.S. District Judge Louise Flanagan ordered Toman to pay $15,000 in restitution.


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  • iwannaseethereceipts Feb 16, 2012

    3 was King, there's not a position in the DMV or anywhere else in the State that isn't. What is your point, exactly?

  • The Fox Feb 14, 2012

    He looks like Agent Smith w/o sun glasses.

  • SmokeWagon Feb 14, 2012

    LOL...from stealing riding lawnmowers to stealing land at the coast, from DMV to the governer...boy these liberal entitlement democrats (aka good ol' boys) just can't be honest and do the right thing....and THEY are the ones who say "character doesn't matter"...????? LOL@dasheep...!!!!

  • sinenomine Feb 14, 2012



    I can't understand what you wrote (I doubt anyone could) but I know a prize winner when I see one - longest sentence without punctuation ever posted on GOLO! Congratulations!

  • pbjbeach Feb 14, 2012


    I politialy dis agree with your posting on here because the ncdot an most especially the materails an tset unit holds the honor of being the most political infulenece peddling an the most corrupt an total no caring of all of the agency with in the various state agencys across this state as that they are totaly beholding to contracting enitys an they refuse to do their jobs or allow for any one working within this agency to actual do their jobs dutys when it comes right down to it they just pay lip service to actualy doing their jobs but in reality due to othe total deregualtory atmosphere that exist today within the overal ncdot thay just refues to do their jobs duty when it comes down to actual enforcement of any form of regulatory issues regardless of wht it might be about or over thank you

  • pbjbeach Feb 14, 2012

    Your posting on here was 1000% right on the mark if you ask me the only thing that you left out was that the states lawmmakers/ legisture need to include a provision in the laws that would include the politicians an not give them the right to immunity for any form of wrong doing that they were to be involved with regards to contracting issues or privatization issues or any major issue that involved the taxpayers trust an or funding that come thru the nc depart of revenue or from the federal government either. an have it to where that the state politicans can be held responsily an lible to the states taxpayers for any form of corruption that they might get involved in by any lobbyist or any company or any person for that matter thank you

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 14, 2012

    Not enough fine or time. If Congress does not pass stronger laws and pentality for corruption like this, it'll continue. The chance for serious jail time and cost needs to be higher to stop the temptation. If not, we'll soon be just like Mexico with rampant corruption in our goverment. The elected leaders are afraid to pass serious laws, since they could one day be paying the price.

  • jsok123 Feb 14, 2012

    The DMV is corrupt. How can that be? It's a governmental agency? Oh, sorry. The good old boyz club continues. I'm proud to call myself a non-north Carolinian

  • sinenomine Feb 14, 2012

    This comes as no surprise. DMV has been a dumping ground for political appointees for time out of mind and historically is probably the most corrupt bureau in state government.

  • 3 was King Feb 14, 2012

    He was strictly a political hiring.