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Former DMV manager charged with mail fraud

Posted September 15, 2011

— Federal authorities have charged a former state Division of Motor Vehicles district manager with three counts of mail fraud.

Bill Toman, 53, of Fayetteville, is accused of soliciting $15,000 from insurance companies in February 2009 for undercover operations in the DMV's Bureau of License and Theft and then pocketing the money, according to a criminal information filed Wednesday.

A criminal information often signals that a plea agreement has been reached before a case has been presented to a grand jury.

Toman resigned from the DMV two years ago after he was charged in Duplin County with buying stolen riding lawnmowers and then trying to impede a state investigation.


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  • fayncmike Sep 16, 2011

    "We all hate insurance until we need it. Just a fact of life. If you think you can beat the odds of ever needing insurance, then go unprotected, it's your choice.

    No Joey, I don't go without insurance and I don't steal or defraud. What I do, do is put those slime ball insurance companies feet to the fire every chance I get and I assure you that I'm very good at it. I'm sickened every time I hear of someone who has been paying premiums for years and than when they have a claim, getting little or nothing.

  • The Fox Sep 15, 2011

    [I hope they have him making license plates] or cutting grass.

  • Rockermom Sep 15, 2011

    emerald7575, the only insurance you MUST buy is liability coverage on a vehicle that you drive. If you feel that strongly, opt out.

  • Walkin Man Sep 15, 2011

    How ironic. When he goes to prison, I hope they have him making license plates.

  • word636 Sep 15, 2011

    at least the govt is cleaning itself up!!!!

  • emerald7575 Sep 15, 2011

    "steal from insurance companies" you got to be kidding? the way you rip us off!!!

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 15, 2011

    Wait until some of the poster here get ripped off, and you hear a different tune. He was buying stolen property. If there was not a market for the stolen lawn mower, some own would still have their. But he'll end up with only probation sad to say. We need stronger sentences to put teeth in our anti-corruption laws, if not we'll be just like Mexico in a few more years.

  • LL4U Sep 15, 2011

    From Fayetteville - one of Tony Rand's political hacks maybe???? Friend of former DMV Commissioner George Tatum from Fayetteville maybe?????

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Sep 15, 2011

    Are people here really advocating theft? Wow. I guess this is why are jails are full...there is always some rationalization for the crime.

  • joey51 Sep 15, 2011

    We all hate insurance until we need it. Just a fact of life. If you think you can beat the odds of ever needing insurance, then go unprotected, it's your choice. As for "bilking" people out of money to pay insurance costs, keep your act together and you get lower rates on most anything: cars, home, renters, etc. Yes, I am an agent, so I know how it works from the inside. The insurance companies have people in positions within companies just to determine odds on how people's lifestyles affect their life expectancy. Not perfect, but you can't argue with death rates among the careless. Also, when scumbags steal from insurance companies, as some of you are apparently in favor of, YOUR rates pay for it. So cheer on the thieves if you like, but IF you choose insurance, you'll be paying for the thievery too, with every premium payment you make.