Focal Point: Trash Talk

Posted August 8, 2007
Updated September 30, 2012

Original Air Date: Aug. 8, 2007

Litter is a big problem in North Carolina. It costs the state money to clean up. It harms the environment when it washes into rivers and streams. It could damage the state’s multibillion-dollar tourism industry and hinder efforts to attract new business and industry. Yet the state Highway Patrol issues very few tickets for littering, and the state has no major media campaign to prevent it.

Focal Point: “Trash Talk” examines North Carolina's litter problem, its impact and what can be done about it.

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Focal Point: Trash Talk

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  • PC is for Losers Mar 1, 2008

    Yeah, while there are plenty that toss out trash the majority of what is on the road blows out of pickups or garbage trucks. These heads always talk about wanting to keep people from littering and that is just great, but the majority of this stuff hops out of trucks. Certain people are too clueless to the fact that anything they put in the back of their pickup bed is going to fly out. I've been behind many BFI, WM, City garabage trucks where litter is just streaming out. Seriously, it's WAY more than a Hardees bag thrown out by some moron.

    The rulamakers have got to hire some trach police that just look for this stuff happening and penalize with heavy penalties. They have speed traps. Full time positions would be easily paid for by the income if they would just do it. Too many excuses and cluelessness from these people.

  • educgrad Oct 27, 2007

    It is even bad in my neighborhood, people not only drink and leave the bottles,they smash them in the parking lot,very lazy and irresponsible

  • Made In USA Oct 27, 2007

    Geisha Girl hit the nail on the head by saying LAZY people litter. I have been out to Bell's Church Fishing Access Area, walked out onto the pier, and looked in disbelief at all the trash that people leave. It's just pure laziness. And it can be dangerous too. Those small gas cylinders that one uses to operate a gas lantern have been a regular resident floating in Jordan Lake. I missed hitting one by inches one day as I zoomed across the lake one day in my small jon boat. If I had of hit it, not only could it have punctured a hole in the hull of my boat, it could have tore up my engine too. On two occassions, I went out there to the pier just to clean up the trash. I went back the following day and found it just as bad as the day before. I don't know how to stop the littering. Maybe encourage people to video offenders secretly and giving the tape to authorities and offer a $25 reward for those they halp bust.

  • skinnycow Aug 21, 2007

    I never understood how lazy and pathetic folks were until I started seeing the overwhelming furniture like mattresses and chairs or couches being left on the side of the road. If you get up enough energy to load it in your vehicle to take to the dump then why stop on the side of the road and throw it out? People who do this are no better than the trash they unload.

  • mbtreats Aug 9, 2007

    If the root problem is not resolved (and I'm fairly certain it will never be), the State and NC taxpayers will continue to baby-sit the latest crop of self-centered litter bugs. It has been several years since our highways and side roads were fairly clean and well kept, everyone speaks as though they never were to begin with. Examine the root causes. New arrivals to the state, along with the current me-generation (being raised by the prior me-generation)... well, that's fairly well to blame. On the bright side, with the addition of the latest 99 cent store to my neighborhood, at least I may now gather a yellow shopping bag from the front lawn and to put the rest of the garbage collection in it. Too bad Variety Vacationland is no longer a well kept secret, we were better off when folks though we were just a bunch if Mayberry types!

  • dgirldance99 Aug 9, 2007

    I don't really understand the lack of enforcement of existing laws. That would probably help. And maybe use some of the DOT $ allocated to the failed light rail project to fund a media campaign. I love NC, and it makes me sick how dirty we are!

  • strolling bones Aug 9, 2007

    va has a steep fine...for littering...much cleaner its just plain trashy..we try to keep the road our drive is on clean...

  • applejuice Aug 9, 2007

    futher more - why do you need a "major media campaign" to prevent people from littering?? its $#@! common sense!! use a bag and put the bag in a proper garbage can - theres my media campaign. i have no tolerance for a litterer.

  • Heatherbrook Aug 9, 2007

    Lets let the SPEEDERS and D U I S do a little cleanup. Bet cleaning in these record breaking temperatures would get the law breakers attention.