Focal Point: 'Critical Condition'

Posted December 2, 2009
Updated November 4, 2013

Original air date: Dec. 2, 2009

Nearly 1.6 million people in North Carolina have no health insurance, and those who do sometimes find out they’re not covered for some conditions, leaving them buried under a mountain of medical debt.

Focal Point: 'Critical Condition' Focal Point: 'Critical Condition'

Skyrocketing health care costs have prevented many businesses from providing health care coverage for their employees and have put a financial squeeze on businesses that do provide health coverage.

Regardless of where people stand politically in the debate over health-care reform, most people seem to agree that there are problems in the system of health care that need to be fixed.

Hosted by WRAL News anchor David Crabtree, Focal Point: “Critical Condition” examines the challenges that people and businesses in North Carolina face under the current health care system.

It profiles the uninsured, under-insured and people struggling with the high cost of health care. It also looks at how some medical providers have tried to create a safety net to treat some of the uninsured as a temporary measure until a permanent solution can be found.

Host: David Crabtree
Clay Johnson
Jay Jennings

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  • driverkid3 Dec 2, 2009

    Yes, the health situation here is a mess, but this health care bill is not going to do a lot as far as covering people that are now out in the cold. I have a friend that is 55 years old, out of a job, and has some health issues, and from what I have seen of this so far, he is going to be out in the cold, just like he is right now. I think the bill will end cup covering families and children like a warm blanket, but will leave single, childfree adults to the wolves.