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FlyWheel combines cycle, weights and offers barre

Posted January 28, 2015

FlyBarre (Image courtesy of FlyWheel)

— Spin or cycle classes aren't easy. But with the right instructor, music and environment, they can actually be fun! I've been taking taking cycle classes for more than six months at my local YMCA and I really burn some calories! A fan of cycle but not an expert by any means, I was excited when FlyWheel opened in Raleigh's Cameron Village.

This studio, located a couple doors down from Benelux Coffee, offers stadium cycling and barre/pilates classes. I took both classes so I could write this feature. Check out my experience and find out more about FlyWheel below. 

FlyWheel cycling 

You have to register for classes online. At that time, you pick a cycle or mat (if you are taking Barre).  

Check-in on one of the laptops and grab your patent-leather cycle shoes - they look like something a "Star Wars" Stromtrooper would wear and I love them because of that! They are also pretty comfortable and make cycling a lot easier! 

Put your stuff in a locker (no need to bring a lock, there are keypads you can set), grab a towel and fill up that bottle before heading into the stadium cycling studio. 

If it is your first time, ask a FlyWheel team member to help you find and set your bike. They will also explain how to lock your cycle shoes into the peddles. (Make sure you ask how to get your feet out! My team member didn't show me and I had to figure it out on my own.) 

The lights go down and the spotlight remains on the instructor during this class. Flywheel

Vashti Chandler, who instructed during my class, did a great job of keeping us motivated. I loved the balance between speed and strength in the class. 

You can adjust your resistance on the bike and can keep track of how much energy you are burning/creating on your bike. The energy leaders and the leaders in the various sprints that happen during the class, will see their names appear on the two TorqueBoard's above the instructor's head. You can opt out of appearing on the board, but it is kinda fun to see your username pop up. 

During a class, it is a lot like regular spin/cycle. You raise and lower the resistance to various ranges (instructor will give you a range to set your resistance at) and then you just peddle. 

Toward the end of the class, you will have the option to keep peddling while you work with two weighted bars. 

Whether you opt for a 45 minute or 60-minute class, you will burn a lot of calories in these classes!

Drink plenty of water and if you need to take break and peddle slower or lower resistance, do it! Listen to your body. 

I definitely recommend Flywheel for those wanting to kick up their exercise routine or interested in cycling. 


Check-in on a laptop and head to your mat upstairs. There are some couches and a few places to put your shoes and bags. 

Grab some hand weights and then to your mat. Small, intense moves are designed to sculpt your body. There is a lot of great exercises for your core in this class. Small exercise balls, elastic bands and hand weights are all used. Flywheel

I loved this class. It was hard, but definitely a great workout. There are modifications given and you might not be able to do everything perfectly the first time, but either way your core is getting stronger as well as every other part of you! 

I took Ashley Hathcock's FlyBarre class and I definitely recommend checking out her classes! 


FlyWheel and FlyBarre classes can be purchased by the class or in packages that include 5, 10 or 20 classes. Single classes are $21 each and packages go up to $340 for 20 classes. 

You can get unlimited cycling or barre classes for a monthly fee starting at $150.  

Get more info on pricing and class times at the FlyWheel website.

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  • a3806311 Jan 28, 2015

    You buried the lead! Classes are $17 to $21 EACH??? Wow... I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.