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Flasher strikes on Elon campus

Posted May 21, 2008

— The Elon College flasher exposed himself to a sixth victim Wednesday.

Police said the man walked into a student's apartment and exposed himself.

Two of the incidents happened at the same apartment complex.

Police released a sketch of the suspect to students, and posted the composite at off-campus student housing locations.


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  • anneonymousone May 22, 2008

    To those who have joked about it here, flashing is an act of aggression. It is an invasion of privacy (and here, it is a home invasion as well) and an assault on one's sense of self and safety. It is part of the continuum that includes rape.

    Please avoid prepubescent cruelties and idiocies if you don't understand. It's a crime for a reason.

  • PikeMom4real May 22, 2008

    wuts the big deal ? you see naked people all the time in movies, but yet we hear about this like its the end of the world as we speak.

    We choose to see TV,But I don't think these people choose to have this guy bee bop into their HOMES naked! Get the difference?

  • Timbo May 22, 2008

    This is step 1. Next step(s) is/are sexual assault.

  • Rocknhorse May 22, 2008

    The students need to keep a bb gun on them. Next time he flashes, bing! Or else, point and say, "Well, darn! The target is too little!"

    Seriously though, to answer your question monkey-boy, there is a difference between someone who is unabashed (oops, my towel fell, ah well, no biggie) and someone who is putting themself in front of you to MAKE you look (ie; flashing). A flasher has a desire to startle and scare their victims. They can progress from flashing to worse offenses. THAT is the problem. They derive pleasure from the shock/fear. It makes them feel powerful. And when that wears off, they move to more startling offenses to get that rush back.

  • Iamcornholio May 22, 2008

    Maybe he is trying to relive his childhood. Pop goes the weasel

  • rabbott May 22, 2008

    There is no such place as Elon College. There is an Elon University in the Town of Elon.

  • enoughsenough May 22, 2008

    Point and laugh, maybe he will stop.

  • TheWaveLife May 22, 2008

    I'm bummed he didn't try that mess when I was there. I had a baseball bat in my dorm room for just such an incident.

  • speedy May 22, 2008

    seen one, you've seen them all

  • garnertoy May 22, 2008