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Five men get prison time for Robeson dog-fighting operation

Posted March 7, 2013

— A federal judge on Thursday sentenced five men to prison for their roles in a dog-fighting operation in Robeson County, authorities said.

Frank Jacobs, 69, of Laurinburg, and Jimmy Jacobs, 40, of Maxton, were sentenced to 29 months in prison. Tony Harris, 35, of Lamar, S.C., was sentenced to 21 months in prison, while Ricky Dial, 55, of Maxton, got an eight-month sentence and James Matthew Blackman, 43, will have 30 days of intermittent confinement.

Authorities said the men trained and bred pit bulls for fighting, hosted and participated in dog fights in secluded locations in various states, placed and accepted bets on fights, collected entrance fees for fights and offered prize money for winning animals.


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  • freedomrings Mar 8, 2013


    Their sentences aren't long enough. Statistics will show dog fighting, drug dealing, prostitution, and child abuse are intertwined. Yes, there needs to be harsher sentencing for things like drink driving, but don't negate the need for harsh sentencing for dog fight too.

  • jacksun48 Mar 8, 2013

    You would think that cops, prosecutors, and judges would have more important "crimes" to deal with then dog fighting. Drive drunk and risk innocent human life and get a slap on the wrist, set up a dog fight and do hard time. Our justice system is a joke.

  • ssvoiceofsanity Mar 8, 2013

    WOW more time than most sex offenders and drug dealers.

  • BernsteinIII Mar 8, 2013

    "These dogs are not 'bred' to fight, they are taught!! "

    Not all pit bulls have been bred for fighting, but a substantial portion of pit bulls have been selected and bred for their ability to fight. The breed has been around for a long time and there has always been a market for dog fighting. It is what it is.

  • Paul M Mar 8, 2013

    "They are bred to fight, I'm not sure what the problem is."


    Realy ?

  • Ambygirl Mar 8, 2013

    "They are bred to fight, I'm not sure what the problem is."

    No, that is not true in MOST cases. These dogs are not 'bred' to fight, they are taught!! People that do this are no different than a cult that teaches humans to kill. They are sick and disgusting and deserve much more severe punishment than they get!! As Scubagirl has already said, these animals deserve better than this.

  • luvmyjackrascal Mar 8, 2013

    Prison time is what they deserve but thats nothing compared to what those dogs went through - makes me sick!

  • BernsteinIII Mar 8, 2013

    They are bred to fight, I'm not sure what the problem is.

  • girlwonders Mar 8, 2013

    I did pit bull rescue for a few years, back in the 90s, and the dogs don't have to be put down. They are animal aggressive, but most dogs that have been fought will not attack a human, these guys need to be able to control their dogs, so they put down any dog that shows aggression towards people. Sadly, the dogs probably will be put down. Such a mistreated and misunderstood breed.

  • estrauch Mar 8, 2013

    This sentence is NOTHING to them, AND they probably will be released early anyway. They will get out and do it all over again and be smarter about hiding it. People like this don't learn that dog fighting is wrong and cruel. Instead they learn how to go further underground, keep doing it and not get caught. For them it's all about the MONEY! The dogs are the victims and some may be rehabilitated and some may not. North Carolina is so lenient in punishment against people who participate in this activity. It's very sad we can't depend on the law for justice.