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Five charged after body found in Crabtree Creek

Posted October 1, 2008

— Police on Wednesday charged five people in the slaying of a man whose body was found in Crabtree Creek in July.

Homero Zuluga-Patricio, 26, of Raleigh, was found floating in the creek near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Lead Mine Road, near Crabtree Valley Mall, on July 23. Police later determined he had been stabbed.

Javier Medina Torres, 28, and Diego Salinas Hernandez, 30, both of Raleigh, have been charged with murder in the case. Carlos Santiago Sanchez, 47, Moises Sanchez Barriento, 36, and Osbaldo Garcia Mendez, 36, all of Raleigh, have been charged as accessories after the fact of murder.

Police said the slaying stemmed from a dispute involving Zuluga-Patricio and that investigators believe he was killed July 21 at an apartment on Navaho Drive.

The five who were charged were being processed at the Wake County Jail Wednesday afternoon.


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  • heyyyk Oct 2, 2008

    You people are so funny, and ignorant.
    Hispanic does not equal illegal.
    He may have been born right here in NC,
    for Christ's sake. He may have went through
    everything necessary to become a citizen of this country,
    or perhaps his parents did it for him. Really, grow up. Regardless of legal status, just think about if someone in your family was murdered and they showed the insensitivity that you now show, just how you would feel.

  • ifcdirector Oct 2, 2008

    Wow. That's great and I noticed from the article that all of these guys are natives of Raleigh too. Amazing coincidence that. Just remember that Mayor Meeker and the Raleigh Police Department are on the job ignoring the problem every opportunity they get. If you really want protection for your family and feel entitled to have the government you pay for do something to alleviate the problem I suppose you should join the police force, get elected to a high office, or just go pound sand. Of course every election you can nearly walk across this town on top of the signs for all the politicians who support this problem and do nothing about it. Maybe your family will be next?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 2, 2008

    It may have been murder, but at least it wasn't a "hate crime".

    Correct. There is a story today about man going to jail because of his hatred.

  • Spittin Dat Knowledge Oct 2, 2008

    I cannot believe some of you people who are in here commenting on illegal immigration .. THE MAN IS DEAD.. SHOW SOME RESPECT!
    Its disgusting to see some of these comments .. do you not have a soul?

  • Adelinthe Oct 2, 2008

    Five against one, how proud their mothers must be.

    Praying for the loved ones of them all, especially the victim.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • LucyS Oct 2, 2008

    Chance, you're probably right - Nancy is a more compelling story simply because (especially in Cary) white women don't get murdered often. But, I will say this - it's refreshing to hear something else in the news. I guess I'm a bit bitter towards any mention of Nancy lately - the media has just harped on her to no end. The kids are still with the grandparents, they still haven't named a suspect, etc. Until that changes why do they feel a need to bombard us with her stagnant story?

  • ibbott41 Oct 2, 2008

    They are not from Raleigh!

  • Mitch Oct 2, 2008

    What is the motive of the perpetrators? Why does this information never get reported? Isn't the "why" one of the main W's of journalism?

  • TeamHatteras Oct 2, 2008

    It may have been murder, but at least it wasn't a "hate crime". Then they would have REALLY been in trouble... /sarc

  • discowhale Oct 1, 2008

    Let's look at this another way. Another human life has been taken in Raleigh. That alone is troubling, but it took 5 grown men to do it. That's wrong in and of itself, but 5 against 1?

    The ethnic component comes in simply because they ARE!! Given the MSM's propensity to skip over minor details like legal immigration status or color of skin in the news reporting, unless the perp is a native born white male, just raises the question, when it's not told immediately in the story.

    This problem isn't created by people pointing it out either, it's created because over 75% of arrests of Hispanics in Wake County are arrests of illegals.

    Many of them are single guys, a long way from home, with no family ties. That breeds spare time and bad decisions, I've seen the same syndrome among young military guys. Easy money and free time.

    I hope WRAL eventually reports the immigration status of these gents, it will shut up some and support others.

    Amazing, how the truth works that way!!