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Fishel: Some final thoughts on climate change debate

Posted November 14, 2015

Earlier this year when I started to make my "Climate Change journey" public, I had many goals.

Ironically, the two that really stuck had nothing to do with science. I truly didn't understand why members of our two major political parties were so at odds on this issue, and why people of faith and people of science couldn't find any commonalities, either.

I wanted to make an attempt to cut through the nastiness, but alas, I'm not sure that's possible. To be honest, it appears we have way too many folks out there who are locked into their respective ideological trenches, and are all about beating their opponents into submission. It goes under the name of conviction and morality, but in the end, it is about winning.

It is nothing short of sad, and it is why I have distanced myself from both major political parties. Until one or both clean up their act, I have no interest in even holding their coats while they fight. So at least for now, I will focus on science and science alone. I'll talk about the basics of climate science and the very latest research findings. I will turn a deaf ear to attacks.

To respond to such would only do further damage to my hope of restoring civility to this conversation. I do accept science as a gift. It has given us, the inhabitants of Earth, more than we could ever imagined. I will not turn my back on it.

I will be honest about what is certain and what is still uncertain. The only thing I will be an advocate for is fundamentally solid science, and I will go wherever it takes me. All of you have an open invitation to come along with me on this journey.


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  • Michael Bawden May 28, 9:38 a.m.
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    Greg you work for one of the nastiest race baiting, Republican hating organizations in the state. Telling readers/viewers Republican legislators are directly responsible for over 200+ deaths in this state because they voted not to expand Medicaid. Acompanied with charts and graphs. Your self-serving, "I am above the fray" and declare "independant" is a cop out. "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change". Why? Because you cant argue with "Climate Change". That happens every day. A solar storm, valcano eruption, violent storms, sea temps, etc.. all effect "Climate Change". Remember back in the sixties scientist were claiming "ice age". Yet you could not see in LA because of the smog.
    I agree with you that we should wait on a man made "Global Warming" verdict. It wont happen in our lifetime. But I dont oppose research. I do oppose fear tactics. Like Al Gore's and George Clooney's apocolyptic predictions. .

  • James Henderson Dec 3, 2015
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    Thank you for demonstrating all "the nastiness" Greg has to endure. Way to keep it classy, Ninetytwo.

  • Dana McCall Nov 16, 2015
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    Isn't it interesting that none of the science that supports the other party's stance is ever touted here?

  • Ncsu Ninetytwo Nov 15, 2015
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    " I have distanced myself from both major political parties. Until one or both clean up their act,..." Greg Fishel

    Why have you distanced yourself from the left wing parties? They agree with you 100%. You agree with them 100%. You both are agreed that there is without a doubt "MAN MADE AGW" global warming.........Why would you abandon the LEFT?....I don't believe you Greg.