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Firetruck overturns in Durham; four injured

Posted September 29, 2008
Updated September 30, 2008

— A wreck involving a firetruck injured four people in northeastern Durham Monday night.

Police said a Bahama firetruck overturned at East Club Boulevard and Glenn Road shortly after 9 p.m.

Four people on-board had bumps and bruises and were taken to Duke University Hospital, troopers said.

The driver, John Flamion, 20, had some broken bones in his hands. He was driving the truck back to Bahama from the Durham City Training Center.

Flamion was unfamiliar with the road and was not prepared for a sharp curve, troopers said. He lost control of the truck, which rolled over and hit a tree.

Authorities have not filed any charges.


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  • TechRescue Oct 1, 2008


    What planet did you come from? I'll take your $20 by betting that the only "connections" this young man had was dedication and maturity beyond his years.

    And when you talk about "people not being bright in Durham", I assume you're referring to yourself. I don't live or work in that county, but I know a lot of people on both the city and rural departments, and they are much brighter than your post makes you out to be. If you read back through the posts made by firefighters above, you'll come to the same conclusion.

  • give me no quarter Sep 30, 2008

    gregmagnus. You will run to the phone if there is a fire at your home. You will not think of the young man who accidently wrecked the fire truck. You and your kind make most decent people sick to their stomach.

  • MarcoPolo Sep 30, 2008

    It's a good job being a firefighter....I just don't want the heros to be stupid. The IQ of the whole organization is in question. Kid should have never been placed in the situation. Did he answer a question right at training???? Somebody should be fired immediately. This was a "Sunday" drive on a sunny day to the station. STUPID.

  • MarcoPolo Sep 30, 2008

    A 20 yr old driving a $500K (I'm low-balling) truck. If there's an emergency, would he be driving it? I doubt it and if so, what would be the liklihood of the kid making it to the fire. Would anybody like to lose $20.

    People aren't bright in Durham. His supervisor should be canned (in the wrecked fire truck). I also wonder where daddy/mommy/uncle works? A 20 yr old driving a truck. The kid's obviously connected.

    Well if the banks get a bailout - it's only fair that the Bahama Fire Department get one too. It's taxpayer's money that's going to pay for it. Durham get used to it, esp when the LAX boys cash in.

  • Justin T. Sep 30, 2008

    Being a driver has evolved from what used to be a "gravy job" to one of the toughest in the fire department. It is going to be devastating to this young fire fighter and the apparatus will need expensive repairs... but getting out there and being a hero is much more dangerous than typing comments on a computer. Believe it or not- if you get out there and rush to save someone - you could make a mistake in the moment.

    Thankfully this happened after the call, not on the way.

    Don't worry... they're saving lives, even though they are human and make mistakes. Maybe we should have all firefighters and police officers pulled from duty and assigned to posting 24/7 on GOLO. They probably wouldn't make mistakes in that case and some of you posters would have some very fit, resourceful opponents on these message threads.

    Kudos to any firefighter trying to keep 75,000 pounds between the lines!

  • kimber Sep 30, 2008

    my prayers go out to the driver and the others involved. Accidents happen. It just surprises me how many comments this story received when the story of the couple being charged with manslaughter by negligence in the death of their 21 month old daughter got like 10 comments.

  • Adelinthe Sep 30, 2008

    Wow! Praying for them.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • TechRescue Sep 30, 2008

    By the way, apparatus accidents are not soley the property of young and/or inexperienced firefighters. If you go to the USFA site and read the Line-of-Duty-Death reports, you will find that experience does not prevent miscalculations.

    My thoughts are with this young man, who at the age of 20 is spending his evenings learning how to protect life and property. They are also with his Chief, his officers, and his brothers & sisters in the department. You guys keep the faith, and stay safe.

  • TechRescue Sep 30, 2008

    Joe Blow and hallc:

    Most departments require drivers to have EVD (Emergency Vehicle Driver) certification, and a growing number are requiring Class B or A) (heavy-truck) licenses as well.

    There is an ongoing argument as to whether people driving Emergency Apparatus should be required to get the A or B License. Most career departments require it and the additional experience and training is useful, but cost and time are the negatives.

    We can argue about the wisdom of an inexperienced driver on a narrow road, but the fact is that the only way to teach somebody how to drive a fire truck is let them drive a fire truck. It can't be taught from a lecture, and it can't be simulated.

    Obviously, a mistake was made: it should be diagnosed and guidelines added or changed to prevent a re-occurance. However, this should not detract from a fine fire department that provides professional service to the people in their community, and let's be thankful that no one was seriously injured.

  • udontknow Sep 30, 2008

    some of you all need not to post comments on things you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. UNLESS you are on a fire dept or have someone close to you thats on a fire dept you need not to even open your mouth. the guy that was driving this truck is going through enough and doesnt need to hear all the things some of yall have been saying about him. and bahama fire dept has plenty of trucks. so if you live in the district and your house catches on fire their will be people there.

    just to let you know, the guy driving is one of my good friends and even after he read the awful comment you left he would be one of the first men to jump on a truck to come rescue you. and the group of young men that was in the truck would also be one of the firsts people to get there and try to get people like you out!