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Firefighters knock down blaze at Raleigh's Hibernian Pub

Posted September 26, 2013
Updated September 27, 2013

Fire crews are battling a blaze at Hibernian Pub on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh. Fire destroyed the bar and restaurant in December, and efforts to rebuild it began in July.

— Fire crews on Thursday night battled a second blaze in less than a year at the Hibernian Pub and Restaurant on Raleigh's Glenwood South.

The popular downtown bar was destroyed by fire in December 2012. Rebuilding began in July, and the pub has not yet reopened for business. 

Thursday's blaze started in the roof area, investigators said. A fire crew driving by the restaurant noticed smoke coming from the roof and stopped to extinguish the small fire.

It's unclear if Thursday's fire will delay work to reopen the popular restaurant. 

Work was previously scheduled to be finished by Christmas – almost a year to the day that a grease fire in the kitchen sparked the Dec. 26 blaze – and the new Hibernian will feature a two-story layout and rooftop bar.


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  • whyalltheproblems Sep 27, 2013

    Obamacare for everyone...you out of All of us should know what it's like to live in a fantasy land..and now the rest of us have to join you in it. Your name alone says it all.

    if there are suspicious circumstances, they'll be found.

  • Poupmouse Sep 27, 2013

    All we can do is hold hands and pray that the damage caused by the impending 3rd fire is repaired prior to the 4th or 5th fire.

  • Steven Sep 27, 2013

    Really pathetic is the nicest thing I can say about some of the comments here. You guys must be miserable to be around 24/7 since all you do is spread lies and doom and gloom everywhere you go.

  • Vote for Pedro Sep 27, 2013

    "Or somebody flicked a cigarette over the fence?" redapace
    Which somehow bounced up onto the roof.
    Obamacare for everyone

    People were welding on the roof earlier during the day, Mr. Cynical.

  • redapace Sep 27, 2013

    "its either arson and insurance fraud or just arson."

    Or somebody flicked a cigarette over the fence?

  • redapace Sep 27, 2013

    "It's unclear if Thursday's fire will delay work to reopen the popular restaurant."

    I don't see why it would. From the looks of it they have'nt hauled the burnt remains of the old building out of there yet. There is still a burned shell sitting there. I'd be REAL surprised if this place is back open in the next 6 months.

  • Deb1003 Sep 27, 2013

    Another fire at Raleigh's Hibernian Pub? Seems as though they're in an fire-prone building!

  • IRISH281 Sep 27, 2013

    Things that make ya go humm...

  • raleighboy524 Sep 27, 2013

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice............

  • OCVFF Sep 27, 2013

    It is amazing that many of you just jump to conclusions that the fire was for insurance purposes or arson. Who would go up on the roof of a building to start a fire ??? Instead of having a positive outlook and hope that the owners gan get the doors open to make a living, provide jobs and help the economy, many of you choose to show your ignorance and take the opportunity to make crass remarks. The world we live in today would be much better if we all had more compassion !!!