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Firefighter critically injured in ATV wreck

Posted December 3, 2008
Updated December 4, 2008

— A firefighter was in critical condition Wednesday with injuries suffered when an all-terrain vehicle that he and another firefighter were riding collided with a car, authorities said.

The wreck occurred at about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday on Buffaloe Road in the Archer's Lodge community of Johnston County.

Andrew Johnson was in WakeMed on Wednesday with a serious head injury, said Pete Barnes, chief of the Archer's Lodge Volunteer Fire Department. Johnson has worked for the department for several years and also works full-time for the Raleigh Fire Department, he said.

Kirby Turner, who works full-time with the Rocky Mount Fire Department in addition to serving in the Archer's Lodge department, was treated at the hospital and released, Barnes said.

Both men were off duty when the wreck occurred.

The state Highway Patrol is investigating the case.


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  • ncbosshoss Dec 4, 2008


    You are a bit off on NC law regarding ATVs on state maintained highways.

    My prayers go out to the grieving family and friends. Also, the driver of the vehicle.

  • Question Everything Dec 4, 2008

    Yeah Gravy, so true. I wasnt going to post anything untill I saw that "boo-hoo" remark from that one guy. The good die young.

  • GravyPig Dec 4, 2008

    Question Everything, that is the same kind of person that Sean Johnson was. I never saw him angry, he always was there to help anyone out. He was a shining beacon that touched many lives.

    It seems that we lose the best people long before their time is due.

    I must say that the "boo hoo" comment was a bit harsh. People are trying to cope with their loss. Please take that into account when you comment.

  • wcnc Dec 4, 2008

    I think every comment that has pointed out how this accident occurred has also been very compassionate toward the family and coworkers of this man. To overlook how this happened would be saying it was ok....I think it can instead be talked about so that any young people reading this blog can see how they can learn from this and not do a similar thing. Even us "older" people need to be reminded of that. It is not uncompassionate to speak about it.

    What a hard time for his family and friends to be going through. But as someone who is close to the LEO community, we have come through many times of losing a coworker in a variety of situations. It is VERY hard, but it sure does seem like this man was the kind that left many good memories behind.

    Prayers to his wife, parents, any siblings, as well as his friends and co workers in their grief.

  • hurrypeace Dec 4, 2008

    AJ may you rest in peace my friend, you will be missed by so many and you where loved by all!!

  • almama Dec 4, 2008

    They had been hunting, they weren't out just joy riding an atv down the road. They were crossing over the road to go back to the house. Accidents happen, we all understand that. But I do believe that the last thing anyone should do is point out what could have or should have been done, especially at a time like this. Have some respect and compassion, or is that too much to ask for from some of you?

  • jaxmom Dec 4, 2008


  • hurrypeace Dec 4, 2008

    jaxmom is it over?

  • jaxmom Dec 4, 2008

    May he Rest In Peace... He will be missed... He will be remembered!

  • ThisIsMyName Dec 4, 2008

    It will be interesting to see what happened... see if they had helmets on, where they were actually riding the ATV to hit a car or the car hit the ATV, etc.