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Fired Butner officer had unserved citations in his desk

Posted August 17, 2010
Updated August 19, 2010

— A search of the desk of a former Butner police officer yielded 10 outstanding citations – all for driving violations – and a warrant that had never been served, a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety said Tuesday.

Maj. Anthony W. Moss was dismissed in June.

After Moss left, other officers cleared out his desk and found the unserved citations, Ernie Seneca of DCCPS said.

Moss and three others – Capt. James Williams Jr. of the Highway Patrol and Capt. Walter Williams and Lt. Daniel Parrott of the Butner Police Department were fired for their role in the cover-up of a DWI stop.

The officers stopped Williams April 3 on suspicion of DWI. In a conversation with the radio dispatcher, one of them asks that Moss, their superior, be told of the stop. Instead of arresting Williams, the officers dropped him off at a Best Western motel, according to police-radio traffic recordings.

Officers never filed any charges nor administered any sobriety tests, an internal investigation by the public safety department and the State Highway Patrol found.


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  • braddavis Aug 19, 2010

    Wonder why WRAL would put a picture of the Captain from the HP up here, it has absolutely nothing to do with the story?

  • cricket2358 Aug 18, 2010

    I wrote a second comment because I was not sure if the 1st one would be posted since I got it in after closing last night, either way you get my point! This is news?? I don't think so but thanks for sharing.......... hhhmmpf!

  • cricket2358 Aug 18, 2010

    Hello.....a cleaning crew? I would think at some point since June someone with authority would have checked the office for any unfinished business and assigned it to another Officer??? Which brings me to the next point...he was let go and had the opportunity to clean out his office I'm sure!!!!! At anytime if he was the kind of person "some people" are portraying him to be he had the opportunity to "hide" or "get rid off" anything that would have been perceived as unscrupulous! I'm really trying to understand the point of this story???? "A Cleaning Crew"??? Thanks cleaning crew...would you like to serve some citations now as well?

  • cricket2358 Aug 17, 2010

    Whoa!!! a search of his desk????? Well, now would be a fine time to search...after he was fired...after he was let go. What were you looking for?? What kind of pledge he used when he CLEANED HIS OFFICE OUT???? Come on you have to do better than that! I would think that whatever paperwork LEFT BEHIND should have been re-assigned to the next guy,huh?? Not waiting until now for a cleaning crew??? Sure doesn't seem to me he was trying to hide anything. Don't we have real news to talk about???? I feel like I need to get a gun permit and camo to even continue to read about this wild goose chase!!

  • starvinmarvin63 Aug 17, 2010

    When a cleaning crew cleared out his desk, they found the unserved citations, Ernie Seneca of DCCPS said. My first question would be. Why would a cleaning crew have access to a office with important papers? Second,If the unserved citations and warrant was left in the former Majors office. That mean the official documents were left in the custody and control of the State Of North Carolina since they were left at Butner Public Safety. I'm trying to understand the issue here. Third, Why would the head of Butner Public Safety allow a cleaning crew in the former Majors office when those who clean state agencies in the Butner area are convicted felons. Something smells real bad here. Mr. Director of Butner can you address these issues?