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Fire truck involved in wreck in downtown Raleigh

Posted July 2, 2010

— A fire truck and a sedan were involved in a wreck at Martin and Dawson streets in downtown Raleigh shortly after 8 a.m. Friday, police said.

The car driver said that he was driving west on Martin Street as part of his regular commute and had a green light to cross the intersection with Dawson Street. He saw a fire truck turning from Dawson onto Martin and pulled over.

But, the driver said, he didn't see a second fire truck coming and was sideswipped by it on the passenger side of his car.

No one was injured.

The investigation into the wreck was ongoing.

Police said the fire truck is based at the Central Fire Station.


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  • chfdcpt Jul 2, 2010

    GS 20-157 (a), Approach of law enforcement, fire department or rescue squad vehicles or ambulances;...near law enforcement, fire department, or rescue squad vehicle or ambulance.

    Upon the approach of any law enforcement or fire department vehicle or public or private ambulance or rescue squad emergency service vehicle giving warning signal by appropriate light and by audible bell, siren or exhaust whistle, audible under normal conditions from a distance not less than 1000 feet, the driver of every other vehicle shall immediately drive the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right‑hand edge or curb, clear of any intersection of streets or highways, and shall stop and remain in such position unless otherwise directed...or emergency service vehicle shall have passed.


    They don't ask for it, it is given by law.

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 2, 2010

    iron fist is right. LEO's are typically running high rates of speed when they hit and sometimes even if they aren't after a person. Plus Firefighters ROCK!!!

    SO LOW,
    Then call a ROCKING firefighter when you are being robbed or beaten up. And make sure to tell the dispatcher to have the police officer drive the speed limit.

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 2, 2010

    "Your right. Interesting how everyone comes to the side of the firefighters and blame the motorist. But if a person fails to yield to the cop, the cop is driving wreckless." The SHP that killed a grandmother and her two grandchildren WAS driving wrecklessly....

    Were u there Journey985? I'm know you have clairvoyance and all, but how do you know what happened if you weren't there? I'm curious? You seem to be the expert on this topic.

  • ncmedic201 Jul 2, 2010

    This article really does not give enough information. Did the truck approaching from behind just accidently sideswipe him or did he pull back out thinking that was the only truck responding? Either way citizens need to understand that they need to pull over no matter which direction the emergency vehicle is approaching (unless you are on a divided hwy) Try to pull over to the right and STOP because we are going to attempt to stay to the left side as long as possible. Look for additional vehicles because many times you may have fire, EMS and LEO's responding to a scene. And please do not try to "race" us and think you can stay ahead of us because you are getting ready to turn or some other reason. We may be turning at the same street. I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!!

  • map1agmachining Jul 2, 2010

    I'm going to take the firefighters and the BIG red truck side.

    Look fire trucks are like deer if you hear and see one,best guess is that there is another one behind it. They useally are in pairs.

  • csthil Jul 2, 2010

    would you like them to slow down for code blues, overdoses and cardiac arrests as well? Also,the fire service is primarily concerned with how response time impacts flame spread in addition to saving lives - all based on response times.
    But everyone has to be aware of their surroundings, civilian and public service because if you cant make it there, its not helping anybody.
    @freedom - not the same driver.

  • think1st Jul 2, 2010

    journey985, why don't you drive over to the SHP office on blue ridge and go actually talk with a trooper. You have rage built up. I'm sure you will be surprised when you don't get the mindbending opinion through wral or abc11. Contrary to what you think, a trooper would be more than willing to cordially debate these topics with you. Go on and do it, unless you're scared!

  • a-moment-of-truth Jul 2, 2010

    believe me when i say i am not surprised this has not happened before today. i used to work right across the park at the paper and i have seen these fire trucks almost hit pedestrians, cars...i have seen them almost hit EACH other when they came out as described in this very STORY and one truck almost rear ended the other...smh...I HAVE ALMOST been hit by a truck leaving this station trying to get to my car in the parking lot adjacent to where joe's place was. i KNOW it is an emergency but if you are halfway across the street when they pull out...what do you do?

  • Journey985 Jul 2, 2010

    "Your right. Interesting how everyone comes to the side of the firefighters and blame the motorist. But if a person fails to yield to the cop, the cop is driving wreckless." The SHP that killed a grandmother and her two grandchildren WAS driving wrecklessly....

  • freedomdiddy Jul 2, 2010

    I'd like to know if the same guy was driving who went too fast around a turn a few blocks away and turned the ladder truck over. I live around the corner from that station and see those trucks come blasting out of there like they are going to a fire. (pun intended) There is no need for them to drive as recklessly as they do.