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Fire set in Cary home during break-in

Posted April 9, 2010

— A man started a fire in the crawl space of a Cary home off Tryon Road while trying to break in late Thursday night, police said.

Cary police investigating home break-in, arson Cary police investigating home break-in, arson

The family inside the home on Gwinnett Place heard someone moving outside and called 911 at 11:44 p.m., police said.

Officers spotted a man standing beside the house. He ran away, police said, but officers caught him after a short foot chase.

Police then saw smoke coming from the crawl space of the home. They called the fire department but managed to put out the fire with their fire extinguishers.

No one was injured, and the fire did not cause any structural damage to the house, police said. The residents have been allowed to return.

The suspect was being questioned at the Cary police station early Friday, and the investigation was ongoing.

Police said they were investigating the incident as a case of a break-in and felony arson.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Apr 9, 2010

    Mayor Meeker is going to ban crawlspaces since they are a fire hazard.

  • Anonymouse1 Apr 9, 2010

    I guess this is the cause of all the sirens I heard/saw go by last night while walking the dog. I'm definitely going to purchase a lock for the crawlspace door now when I move in to the new house next month. I think mom2two and nothankyou nailed what happened.

  • Mom2two Apr 9, 2010

    nothankyou: "Maybe he was living in their crawlspace and was chilly last night. That area is close to the highway, no?"

    I'll bet you hit the nail on the head with that one. It is SO unusual to have a break-in in a KNOWN TO BE OCCUPIED house to begin with, much less one through a crawl space.

  • ifuaintscared Apr 9, 2010

    One time I'm glad I live on a slab.

  • DowntownGirl Apr 9, 2010

    Does the fool not know there are snakes in crawlspaces? Since when do you break into a house through a crawlspace? Wonder if this was an attempted arson, not break-in; otherwise, why would he try to break into the house when it was occupied? Maybe he had been breathing too much pollen...

  • Willie_11 Apr 9, 2010

    My pitty Gurdie has a taste for robbers.

  • Stephen Apr 9, 2010

    He's got Cary connections, ya know... ;-)

  • Stephen Apr 9, 2010

    In other news, Mayor Meeker reportedly trying to get city council to outlaw crawlspaces and have all homes built on slab foundations.

  • nothankyou Apr 9, 2010

    Maybe he was living in their crawlspace and was chilly last night. That area is close to the highway, no?

  • Vincenzo R. Abacus Apr 9, 2010

    And people call me paranoid for locking my crawlspace door...