Find what you love and hold on to it

Posted April 21, 2016

I have a good friend who loves trout fishing. He loves it so much that he’s managed to turn his passion for fishing into a career writing for “Trout Life,” where he has enough thoughts and words to fill numerous posts each month.

This friend has even suggested a few times that I take up fishing for trout — each time painting a picture with beautiful words about life on the open river. And while his words have almost convinced me otherwise, I always end up envisioning myself waist-deep in cold water, shivering miserably with fish swarming all around me. This thought is less than appealing to me, but to him, it might as well be heaven.

To my friend, standing in cold water with the river rushing by is what running along a newly created single track along a freshly thawed hillside is to me. To my friend, planning fishing trips with good friends is the same as me meeting at a new destination with my running pals — it is all about good conversation and a mutual respect for something pure.

To my friend, a hard week at work can only be made better by a trip up the mountain to spend hours of solitude tossing out line after line — just like I look forward to my long runs on the weekends to clear my mind and to reboot.

To my friend, winters are cold, but it doesn’t matter as long as he can dress to accommodate and if there is the prospect of a good catch on the horizon. Likewise, there is rarely a weather pattern that will keep me from lacing up my running shoes and heading out the door.

There are times, however, when my friend spends hours and even days throwing out his fishing line time after time without a single bite. But that doesn’t stop him from making that next trip and tossing out another line in hopes that the next tightening of his pole will bring in that big catch he’s been waiting for.

And like my friend, there are many days when I have less-than-successful workouts or come up short on my running goals. It is during these times that I keep going because of my deep respect for the sport of running.

My friend loves trout fishing; I love running. We have both found what we love and are each holding tight. So find what you love, and hold on to it.

Arianne Brown is a mother of seven young children and is a Salomon at City Creek, Nuun and Unshoes sponsored athlete. For more of her writings, search “A Mother’s Write” on Facebook. Twitter: A_Mothers_Write.


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