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Final paycheck of fired Wake official being withheld

Posted June 26, 2008
Updated June 27, 2008

— Wake County is trying to get back some money spent by an employee who was fired for taking excessive trips.

Receipts show Craig P. Wittig, the recycling program manager for the county's Solid Waste Management Division, took at least 46 trips between his hiring in February 2006 and his termination on June 3.

The trips included whale-watching off the coast of Maine, four ventures to Disney World and a trip to Las Vegas.

County records show he traveled two to three times a month.

County manager David Cooke issued a status report on Thursday. It stated the county is holding Wittig's final paycheck to recoup losses.

Administrators also plan to reevaluate who gets county-issued credit cards.

The county has issued charge cards to 535 of its more than 3,800 employees. In the past 11 months, more than $5.7 million was charged to those cards.

The Wake County District Attorney's Office is also looking into the matter.


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  • FloydTurbo Jun 27, 2008

    Put him in a tutu and give him a tin cup to beg nickles and dimes on Fayetteville St until he's repaid "us".

  • bluewind Jun 27, 2008

    Is Gov. Easley's final paycheck going to be withheld to pay for his Roman holiday?

  • chapelhillguy0315 Jun 27, 2008

    Ken D., I guess you have not seen the credit card receipts that many of us have then that have John Denver, The Eagles CD's and other bands. Or the backpack expense that he was reimbursed for.

    It is not just about the Vegas trip that has everyone in an uproar. It is everything combined. Sure, I agree, some of it was a valid, reimbursable expense due to a conference maybe being held in Vegas or Orlando. But, it is the amount of trips, and the other expenses to watch whales off the coast of Maine that has the taxpayers ticked off.

    If he actually traveled as much as we are being told, then when did he actually have time to put any of the creative ideas he had been taught at the conventions to use. With this much travel, all he had time to do was fill out expense reports and plan the next trip.

    You must have been one of the ones that went on one of those trips with him. Have you seen his GPS by chance?

  • PaulRevere Jun 27, 2008

    His boss needs to be fired and investigated as well. In fact, let's audit all of Wake County's books, especially WCPSS!

  • Ken D. Jun 27, 2008

    So far, everyone here, me included, is basing his opinion on what he has read in the paper or online. All of the info, such as it is, was provided by a reporter. In all my experience with published stories like this, where I actually knew something of the facts being reported, rarely does the published story get the facts right.

    Every version of this I have seen refers to a stay at a Las Vegas hotel, as if this alone were evidence of malfeasance. I saw nothing inappropriate being reported about that trip, and suspect it was thrown on top of the pile to demonize this guy further. I won't be surprised if I learn other charges were not as nefarious as they now seem.

    I'm not trying to excuse this guy - from his own remarks it would seem he is clueless about what is proper and ethical when it comes to business travel. The first time he requested reimbursement for inappropriate expenses, his supervisors should have clued him in. If they didn't, they are as much to blame as he is.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Jun 27, 2008

    I think he's being assigned the task of being the scapegoat for many others, ESPECIALLY his supervisor. The manager of the entire program is probably going to take his last payday and go to Disney World. Hey, It's a seminar on how Mickey Mouse recycles his poo poo.

  • 1 of the original Americans Jun 27, 2008


  • momof3inNC Jun 27, 2008

    Good...he shouldn't get another dime from the state!! If you think he should, you're crazy. I hope they file criminal charges against him and whoever else may have been involved.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jun 27, 2008

    Why did his employer give him permission to take all these trips? Someone else is at fault here too. I don't believe he would have done all this traveling without permission. What kind of supervisor did he have? I say given that, he should have not been fired and should received his last paycheck without being touched.

  • nisa-pizza Jun 27, 2008

    "Well most government employees have gov issued cars and credit cards..."

    Which government employees are you talking about??? Very few government employees percentage wise are issued cars. Just because they may have a government car doesn't mean they also have credit cards either.

    Strange statement.