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Final inmates leaving Durham prison

Posted September 20, 2011

— The 20 inmates remaining in Durham Correctional Center will be moved from the state prison Thursday morning, officials said Tuesday.

Durham Correctional, a 216-bed minimum security prison, is slated to close Oct. 1. It's one of four prisons the Department of Correction is closing by December because of budget cuts.

The prison, off Guess Road, dates to 1925. State officials haven't announced plans for the property.


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  • Sep 22, 2011

    Wow Raleighlocal you too. No I would not like to work for free or a dollar a day. Thats why I stay out of prison. Cause my Mommy and Daddy taught me right from wrong. That might be why I went into the Service and spent my time in Iraq so I could go to College to get into Law Enforcement not raping or murdering or stealing, yea thats what gets you into prison. Its not a Country Club. At any point please feel that over whelming since of Sarcasm. And my last point do you really think that most of these criminals care about your human rights I would check the block labeled no. Thats why their in prison. They violated someones Right to live, and someones Right to not be Rapped, And Someones right to not have their front door kicked in and have their things stolen. But to someone like you victims dont matter much aslong as you have that warm fuzzy feeling that while sipping my Coffee and eating my oat bran power bar this morning I stood up to someone far hid behind my computer curtain

  • Sep 22, 2011

    Wow e2brtus im glad to see my sarcasm wasnt lost on you, do you not think that I know its not feasible. Mine is merely an over sweeping statement to wish government would find better financial ways to solve problems. Really do you think that low of your common man that you can be the only possible one out there with a brain or thought. If my one liner can get that amount of gibberish responce out of you, than you really need a Vacation and quick maybe at your " beach house, or in thailand. I will make an over sweeping statement on you since you started this game. You are possibly some rich northern come down here to get in a better home market, bank the rest of your money, look down on the middle an lower class and spend your day checking stocks and trolling Golo. If im correct great then I would have Psychic Powers if not then im just merely Sarcastic. I wish you a good day and hope this rubs you the wrong way.

  • ncmickey Sep 21, 2011

    They DO earn money. About .20 cents an hour.. So the State IS getting something from them. Where did I say they should get paid more? Our thinking is the same, so guess who is lame??

  • chattycat Sep 21, 2011

    Oh ncmickey, your lame thinking is something! Do you seriously believe that prisoners, those that have committed crimes and have gotten themselves in the big house, should earn money for working for the State? Really??? They get FREE ROOM AND BOARD AND MEALS!!!!! You and I and everyone else on this blog are paying for this. Give me a break!

  • ncmickey Sep 21, 2011

    "....They should haave to work for the state to help pay for their room & board and medical care...which by the way is better than what most working people can afford...." katbird1958

    Inmates make less than a dollar an hour. So they ARE already contributing. And if you think inmates live better than most working people, youve obviously never set foot inside a prison.

    Inmates are IN prison as punishment....they are not in prison FOR punishment. Prison IS the punishment.

  • BeKind Sep 21, 2011

    The state has closed many small prisons to consolidate them into massive Institutions, which are not good for the inmates or the staff. If you believe in Rehabilation, it was much more likely to occur in the smaller settings. We should have learned our lessons when we started consolidating schools. The students were lost in the crowd and the teachers lost control. The same is happening in the prison system. The older, experienced staff is giving it up, and they can't find new reliable staff. The same thing happened with teachers.

  • ncouterbanks69 Sep 21, 2011

    "No---prisoners should not be forced to perform unpaid labor for the state because they are locked up. That violates the very concept of human rights, which prisoners are entitled to as much as anyone."

    It is because of beliefs like this and the myth of "rehabilitation" that we have so many criminals in this country. Oh and by the way...it would NOT be free. What is free for them the shelter and food that they receive off of the working man's back. It would mean they actually have to EARN (what a concept for liberals) their food/shelter. If they were convicted of a violent crime they gave up their human rights.

  • CAPITALPUN Sep 21, 2011

    Well…. My yours nor anyone else's tax dollars should be paying for criminals. They should all be MADE to Work!!!
    We did not do the crime, they did. So, we should not have to pay for them. They should be reasonable for their on finances by working for the state to pay for their 3 meals, climate controlled housing, and medical.

  • BigUNCFan Sep 21, 2011


    You must be tongue in cheeck with your comments about human rights. Prisoners should have to work for their food and room and board in my opinion. None of this hang out and play video games and shoot pool all day.

  • katbird1958 Sep 21, 2011

    That violates the very concept of human rights, which prisoners are entitled to as much as anyone. Raleighlocal

    IMO, they lost their rights for anything when they were convicted and imprisoned. They should haave to work for the state to help pay for their room & board and medical care...which by the way is better than what most working people can afford.

    As far as the cost to the state, doing away with some of the DOT jobs they are "supposed" to do, you know, the ones other than sitting or standing and watching one person do the work at the amount they are paid, should offset the cost "add all this up and you will pay about $96,867.23 a week.a real bargain!
    e2brtus" thinks it will cost!