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Film draws protest at N.C. State University

Posted August 26, 2009

— Protests were held Wednesday before the screening of Tucker Max's film, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," at North Carolina State University.

In the movie, Max Tucker, a graduate of the Duke University School of Law, tells stories about his beer adventures and sexual escapades.

Protesters, who gathered outside the university's student center, said the film advocates sexual assault and is disrespectful to women.

In a blogpost Wednesday, Tucker said he is not a rapist and instead suggested those protesting his movie "are more anti-women than he is."


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  • gandalla Aug 27, 2009

    I dont know what the big deal is with the movie or the book. All the women depicted in both are over 18 and fully responsible for their actions even if they werent sober. And I didnt read any accounts in the book in which these women were forced to drink.

  • Eduardo1 Aug 27, 2009

    WOW, WRAL, another big story breaks the media-waves. Must of been thousands and thousand of protesters to give any credence to this story. Are you really running out of NEWS items to report? Such as what did flavor ice cream was the favorite of the Obama's yesterday

  • Jack Flash Aug 27, 2009

    A couple years ago, people were all tsk-tsking in the wake of the lacrosse scandal over the Rolling Stone expose on the debauchery and sexual pressure at Duke. Why the change of heart now? Why is protesting this movie another case of too much political correctness and not good ol' fashion morality?

  • jrfergerson Aug 27, 2009

    The bunch of crooks they have as leaders at NCSU and tell me that our kids will get anything displayed to them but good morals and values they were taught at home in their management courses. And no I am not dumb to what goes on the the dorms there.

  • mep Aug 27, 2009

    If this guy was hoping to gain fame and stir up some trouble, he should have made the film "The life and times of the prophet Mohammad".

  • Bendal1 Aug 27, 2009

    Oh please; UNC is hardly the only place Tucker's film was protested at. He admitted last night on ABC11 that every place he showed it there were protests. As for the film itself, well, I went to college myself so I hardly need a film to tell me what went on in the dormitories, but from all accounts I've read of Tucker's film it's a pretty misogynistic representation of college society.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Aug 27, 2009

    unemployement is up, nothing else to do

  • Professor Aug 27, 2009

    These kids are not innocent. There is truth laying out there. Its amazing what goes on in these dorms and the parents and community are blind to that fact.

  • SME2 Aug 27, 2009

    If it was shown on WRAL they would just show a re-run of the Andy Griffith Show...Temptation Island anyone?

  • ICTrue Aug 27, 2009

    I checked all thier IDs and Army is right...not one from NC. All the NC kids were sitting quitely in class with thier hands folded in front of them.