Fight over gay fairy tale starts new chapter

Posted June 2, 2015

Efland parents are upset that a third-grade teacher read "King & King," a book about a gay prince's quest for love, to their children without informing them ahead of time.

— All is not happily ever after just yet for an Orange County teacher that has twice fended off protests from parents over a gay fairy tale he read in class.

Three parents complained after Efland-Cheeks Elementary School teacher Omar Currie read "King & King" to his third-graders. They said the book was inappropriate for children that age, and at least one said parents should have been notified in advance.

The children's book is about a homosexual man's quest for love and includes a picture at the end of two princes kissing.

Efland-Cheeks Elementary officials upheld the book in April after the initial complaint, and then again ruled last month that the book was appropriate after fielding questions from angry parents during a community meeting.

The parents have now appealed the matter to Orange County Schools officials, where the process will repeat itself. A district committee will evaluate the book in light of curriculum goals, and another public meeting will be held before the superintendent issues findings.

The matter could still be appealed to the Orange County Board of Education after the superintendent makes a decision.


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  • Brandy Lee Jun 3, 2015
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    So Sleeping Beauty is about an UNCONSCIOUS female being kissed w/o consent by a man
    Cinderella is about a girl enslaved & forced to labor constantly by her stepmother and abused by her step sisters until a fairy godmother (aka witch) uses her spells (witchcraft) to change her life.
    Hansel & Gretel are abused by their stepmother & abandoned in the woods by their father to die at her command and fight off a cannibalistic witch.
    Bambi's mother is shot and killed.
    Little Red Riding hood - A wolf eats and kills granny and waits to do the same to her.

    Ok, I could go on and on, but at what point is it you think that kiss between the prince and prince WITH A HEART COVERING THEIR LIPS SO YOU CANNOT SEE THE HORROR THAT WILL HARM YOUR CHILD more than any of these other morbid abusive tales that they have been hearing for years?
    Wow some people are just backwards.

  • Chris Holder Jun 3, 2015
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    Well said, Nick!

  • Nick Deal Jun 3, 2015
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    There's kissing in pretty much every Disney movie, any fairy tale, etc. There's nothing different about this, other than teaching children that it doesn't always have to be a prince and princess. I grew up gay in North Carolina and I can say first hand it's not the best experience. This story would have made a big difference in my life at the time, I had my first crush on another boy in 4th grade.

    There's nothing inappropriate about it, and the book even censors itself by putting a heart over the "offending" kiss. Just another silly battle in the culture war that the anti-gay side has already lost.

  • Freda Kerr Jun 2, 2015
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    Children see "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty" by third grade. This story isn't any different except for the gender of the two protagonists.

  • Pat Demby Jun 2, 2015
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    No one is grossed out by you. In fact, I'd say most people couldn't care less about your orientation.

    People are mad because this has no place being read to 3rd graders.

    This should have been handled with the bully and his victim in the principal's office.

  • Paul Maxwell Jun 2, 2015
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    "NC ACLU would have jumped in decrying the mixing of church and state."
    Just as it should do in such a case.

  • William Teach Jun 2, 2015
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    Let's all consider how this would have been handled by the school had the teacher read a story about two Born Again Christians seeking love to the kids.

    I don't really have to tell you, but the teacher would have, at a minimum, been suspended. The school would have apologized profusely, banned the book, and the NC ACLU would have jumped in decrying the mixing of church and state.

  • Chris Holder Jun 2, 2015
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    Fairy tells NEVER have kissing, do they?!

  • Adul Siler Jun 2, 2015
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    Delete or sensor the Kings kissing problem solved. PDA should be left out in this age group.

  • Sam Adams Jun 2, 2015
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    I know it todays society we want to classify everything because that makes things easier. However, I don't think its fair to say that is only the "homophobic right wing" that might have an issue with this. I know several liberals who would have an issue with this being taught at their son's or daughter's school, especially elementary school. Granted conservatives are more likely to take issue with this. I am very liberal myself and I know I would have a big issue with this. I also support gay marriage because my personal belief is the Federal Government has absolutely no right to tell a grown adult how he or she can live their lives. I do not believe this book has any place in an public elementary school. Now if its in middle or high school that might be a different conversation. Thinking that way hardly makes me a bigot. I think we need to stop with the name calling and have open and honest conversation about the subject.