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Fight brews for new ORs in Wake

Posted February 15, 2010

— State regulators have determined that three more operating rooms are needed in Wake County to meet surgical demands, and the three major hospital systems in the county all want them.

Duke Raleigh Hospital filed a request Monday for two operating rooms, while WakeMed and Rex Healthcare have each applied for all three of the surgical facilities.

WakeMed wants the operating rooms at its Cary hospital, where the current operating rooms ran at 99 percent of capacity last year, spokeswoman Heather Monackey said.

The Cary hospital would renovate 3,304 square feet adjacent to the existing operating rooms for the addition, Monackey said. If approved, the project would cost an estimated $5.9 million and would be completed by October 2012.

Rex's application calls for placing two at a Holly Springs facility the hospital plans to build and a third at the hospital's main campus in Raleigh, spokeswoman Melody Hunter-Pillion said.

From 2006 to 2009, surgical volume at Duke Raleigh Hospital has increased 31 percent, and the number of procedures performed by Duke faculty at the hospital has increased more than 30-fold, officials said. Outpatient surgeries at the hospital increased by 35 percent during that period.

"We are planning to renovate and expand surgical services at Duke Raleigh, both to meet current demand, which now runs ahead of capacity, and to meet the growing needs of an aging population for sub-specialty inpatient surgery," hospital President Douglas Vinsel said in a statement.


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  • NCMacMan Feb 17, 2010

    Oh, please! The Good Hope/Betsy Johnson argument is dead. Give it a rest! Good Hope ran themselves out of business due to bad management. I'm glad that they didn't get the hospital, besides you don't know that they could have even started either given the fact that Betsy Johnson was (and still is) in better financial shape than Good Hope. The hospital will be built, but remember, Good Hope held up the construction process by THREE YEARS! Don't blame Betsy Johnson for something that Good Hope did...

  • thrasher3 Feb 15, 2010

    The way ERs work is if you are emergent you get a bed in the EMERGENCY room... IF you are a patient with a stable, NON-LIFE THREATENING injury you go to the waiting room.... There is no situation in which a truely sick persin goes to a wheelchair.... SO, that comment "fanzalive" is completely BUSTED

  • DJ of Clayton Feb 15, 2010

    I'm with lefty. If they want it, let them build it. The market will take care of it. As to ERs, all of the area ERs could double in size tomorrow and there would still be waits. And Cary does need a larger one, considering the population they serve.

    WakeMed- Harnett? Don't hold your breath. Good Hope would have been almost built by now. That was nothing more than a deal between Betsy Johnson and Wake to kill the competition.

  • makeitright Feb 15, 2010

    With what they charge, They should all be able to add 15 more to every facility. And triple the ER space so you don't have to wait for 6 1/2 hours to get seen,

  • lefty-from-Cary Feb 15, 2010

    Why is this kind of thing even regulated in the first place? I can see the government inspecting and licensing the facility for safety, but why not allow the free-market economy to decide the quantity and placement? What would be so bad about five more operating rooms, instead of just three, for example?

  • Fuquay Resident Feb 15, 2010

    Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the hospital WakeMed has been promising Harnett county for years now.

  • fanzalive Feb 15, 2010

    Well considering I live in HS and after having to rush my wife to Cary Wake Med a couple weekends ago via ambulance and when we got there they MADE her get into a wheelchair and sit in the waiting room to wait for Triage to "check her in" and were taking people with cut fingers before her and the guy also there passed out in the wheelchair..my vote is DO NOT give anymore rooms to Cary Wake Med....they are a joke.

  • Adelinthe Feb 15, 2010

    If ORs and ERs are such a bad business for hospitals that facilities have to charge and arm and a leg (no pun here) when you go there, why are they scratching to be the ones to build more???

    God bless.


  • mulecitybabe Feb 15, 2010

    Note to Central Supply at Little Duke: Order up extra used hydraulic fluid. We're going into business!