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Fifth person charged in Wake County slaying

Posted July 27, 2011

— The Wake County Sheriff's Office has arrested a fifth person in connection with a fatal shooting outside a vacant house in northern Wake County on July 17.

Erik Alejandro Acosta, 18, of 2715 Highland Ave. in Durham, is charged with accessory after the fact, a felony.

Last week, deputies arrested a fourth person – Miguel Antonio Meza-Rodriguez, 20, 2715 Highland Ave. in Durham. He is charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. 

Three Durham family members – a son, stepfather and uncle – are also charged in the shooting. 

Pedro Tur Fernandez, 18, of 109 Kilt Way Way Drive, is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury in the shooting death of Santiago Hernandez-Arredondo, 44, of Durham.

Fernandez's stepfather, Tirso Mondragon-Cuevas, 43, of the same address, and uncle, Rene Mendoza Lopez, 30, of 1520 James St., are also charged with conspiracy to commit assault, plus accessory after the fact to murder.

Authorities say Fernandez shot Hernandez-Arredondo near 4501 Durham Road and N.C. Highway 98 around 8:30 a.m. Sunday. A passerby heard gunshots and found the body. Hernandez-Arredondo was rushed to WakeMed, where he was pronounced dead.


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  • mitchsavings Aug 5, 2011

    @freedomrings Thank your post.

  • freedomrings Jul 27, 2011

    Bartmeister : Nowhere did it mention these cads were legal or illegal. The gentleman they murdered is also Hispanic. There was a story about him in the Spanish newspaper, Que Pasa. His daughter is a lawyer, and he was deeply involved with his church, community outreach and missionary work.

    Just because their last names are Hispanic is no cause for one to awesome they were illegal. Please do not turn this into an immigration debate. Let's not forget a man's life was lost.

  • jsok123 Jul 27, 2011

    "....Need to stop making it easy for immigrants to come here...."

    They're already here.

    "It's to late to shut the barn door when the horses have already left". America is SO hosed.

  • Kriterian Jul 27, 2011

    Well, luckily for Canada there's the huge open space of the United States between them and Mexico. Most of them get stuck here, so it's a lot easier to keep them out of your country than ours, which is just swim/tunnel/fence jump away.

  • oceanman071 Jul 27, 2011

    In Canada, where I'm from, the federal government now requires all Mexican citizens/nationals to apply for a visa before they can enter Canada. Canada is internationally recognized for it's liberal social policies - immigration is no exception. Point of view is perception.

  • Bartmeister Jul 27, 2011

    Need to stop making it easy for immigrants to come here, this crime would have been prevented. Sounds like they are taking care of the problem themselves...........