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Fifth man charged in Durham slaying

Posted October 29, 2010

— Durham police announced Friday that they have arrested a fifth man in connection with a Sept. 4 slaying and attempted robbery.

Demetrius Yarborough, 18, of 907 Scout St., faces charges of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Bernardo Ponce, 33.

Ponce was shot during an attempted robbery near his home on Chapel Hill Road. A second victim, Antoney Garcia Dominguez, 40, of Durham, survived the shooting and was taken to Duke University Hospital.

Also facing murder charges are Steven Mack, 15, Deandre Roosevelt Rucker 18, of Nebo Street, Sherwin Bilal Archie, 18, of Fargo Street, and Darrius Lavale Tyson, 18, of Chapel Hill Road. Mack was originally charged a juvenile, but a grand jury indicted him as an adult.

Yarborough was placed on probation Aug. 24 after convicted on two counts of misdemeanor larceny, conspiracy to commit credit-card theft and another conspiracy charge, according to state Department of Correction records.


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  • oleguy Oct 29, 2010

    Look around , If you cant control them at 2 its over,,I see people all the time with toddlers they cannot control, I usually say well you are 200 lbs bigger, and 20 + years older, Now why cant you control them,,,
    Well I dont want to say NO, I dont spank or punish them,, DUH

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    Once in prison, they will listen are suffer the consequences in all matters. They will not get away with anything there.

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    No wonder young ladies cannot find a good man. Most are sitting in prison for a long time. So sad and yet many still don't learn.

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    What cycle is that?

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    Most of the young men don't know what church is. I believe if they found themselves there, many would not find themselves in so many serious or felony charges. What kind of parents are raising these young people today?

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    Why is the youth of today so hateful and angry and violent?

    I believe some parents allow them to have whatever they want at a very early age and then by the time they are 12 up they want to set rules, that are sometime harsh. What kind of life do the parents have? Are they social sexing and illegal drugs around their children. This certainly would hve an effect.

  • wildcat Oct 29, 2010

    Oh, so young and so hard-headed and will not listen to anyone. Now going off to prison, maybe they will learn a hard valuable there. May other young men learn from this so they will never see the inside of a prison.

  • beachbum1 Oct 29, 2010

    Just can't break the cycle and yes not just Raleigh...Baltimore murder capital, Detroit...facts are facts

  • Bill of Rights Oct 29, 2010

    The younger generation is this way because the generation that raised them raised them this way. There's nothing inherently different about today's kids than there is about kids from any other generation ... if people don't like what they see in their kids, they should look in the mirror and ask themselves what they're doing wrong in raising them.

  • mkjonesnc Oct 29, 2010

    What are we doing wrong? People don't disicpline their kids from the start, people expect everything handed to them because the younger generation doesn't have the work ethic of the older generation, lack of education, and the list goes on and on........