Few Republicans swing on veto votes

Posted September 3, 2013

NC General Assembly 4x3

— By and large, Republicans did not shift their positions on Tuesday's votes to override at pair of vetoes from when they originally voted on the bills this summer. 

House Bill 392, a measure dealing with drug testing and background checks for welfare recipients, originally passed 92-21. On Tuesday, the vote total was 77-39, but the bulk of that shift can be chalked up to Democrats changing their minds. In July, 19 Democrats backed the measure; only six Democrats did Tuesday. 

Among Republicans, Rep. Jim Fulgham, R-Wake, voted against the measure both times. Only two other GOP legislators, Rep. Rick Catlin, R-New Hanover, and Nathan Ramsey, R-Buncombe, joined Fulgham to back McCrory on the override vote. 

The votes on House Bill 786, which loosens requirements for use of the federal E-verify system to conduct immigration checks on seasonal workers, shifted very little in terms of numbers. In July, the measure passed 85-28. On Tuesday, 84 members voted to override, with 32 voting against. 

While McCrory picked up a few votes among Republicans, such as  Reps. John Blust, R-Greensboro, and Rob Bryan, R-Mecklenburg, he lost others GOP members, including Rep. John Bell, R-Wayne. All Democrats who voted on the bill voted for it both during the summer session and during the veto override.

House Speaker Thom Tillis did not vote on either measure when it originally passed the General Assembly this summer. On Tuesday, he voted to override the governor's veto on both bills.

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