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NC State police investigate assault on Centennial Trail

Posted January 11, 2015
Updated January 12, 2015

— A woman told campus police that she was assaulted while jogging on North Carolina State University's Centennial Trail Sunday afternoon.

The incident happened at about 5:30 p.m. The woman told police she was on the trail just east of Capability Drive at the Varsity Drive tunnel when a man grabbed her shirt in an attempt to stop her. The woman was able to break free. The man's intent was unknown.

Police were not able to provide a detailed description of the suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to contact N.C. State University Police.


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  • Cheree Teasley Jan 13, 2015
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    5:30 should be a safe time to take a run. That's a real shame.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 13, 2015

    I'm not sure what's going on with postings here, but why am I being censored for asking posters how, exactly, a gun would have helped someone like this? There are at least two folks here saying that they would help. How? Exactly?

    A guy just walks up to you and sticks a gun in your face or punches you in the stomach/kidneys/groin (so you're not going to be doing much of anything for a minute) then he takes whatever he wants...including your gun.

  • Duff Dry Jan 12, 2015

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    Boom! The assault killed Duke's hopes for a perfect record in the ACC.

  • Sean Creasy Jan 12, 2015
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    Yep... That poor would be rapist might have gotten hurt...

  • Obama-in-2016 Jan 12, 2015

    Thank goodness she didn't have a way to protect herself!! It could have been much worse if she able to defend herself.

  • Sean Creasy Jan 12, 2015
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    With as many assaults, robberies, and break ins that have occurred this school year it's time to give these productive members of society the means to protect themselves. Campus security and the RPD haven't been able to. If you're still scared of firearms the continue to hide under your bed and hope the RPD does a better job for you than they have for these student.

  • Simply Hans Jan 12, 2015

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    No, it's not.

  • lovebelle99 Jan 12, 2015

    Provide a description I know the victim told the police!

  • dwood4672 Jan 12, 2015

    in a related story... there was an assault on the Dook bball team which took place at the PNC arena

  • Sean Creasy Jan 12, 2015
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    Oh really. Take a stroll through Heritage Park after dark sometime and then see how you feel.