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Fayetteville woman found, safe

Posted September 23, 2011

— Fayetteville police said Friday that a young woman missing since early in the week was found in Virginia Beach, Va., safe and sound.

Family members reported Sophia Hanchett, 23, missing after she failed to show up for a family dinner on Tuesday.

Police did not elaborate on how Hanchett spent the intervening days. The statement they issued said, "She is in good health and no further investigation will be needed."


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  • lisayvonneorellana Sep 28, 2011

    No...it is no joke. She kidnapped them before in 2008. No one seems to care. I am the Aunt of the children...in America there is no preventative actions...she has to harm someone before anything is done. The last time my plea was ignored, we ended up having to take her daughter to the hospital where the doctor ended up reporting her. Then he sister Emelia Noa concocted a bogus story about their whereabouts because Sophia took the children out of state against court order and lied about where she was taking them.

  • KiaMom Sep 27, 2011

    HUH????? @lisayvonneorellana Wait a minute, is this some sort of joke??

  • moretabs Sep 27, 2011

    Could she not be reached by cell phone? Why wasn't she answering?

  • lisayvonneorellana Sep 26, 2011

    Please someone listen to our pleas...the missing Fayetteville Woman, Sophia Hanchett has come to VA to kidnap her three children from their father who is the custodial parent. We have warned the courts and law authorities about her in the past only to be ignored...Please do not ignore us anymore...I called CPS in SC to report her for child abuse and neglect only to be told I was being vindictive weeks later the family doctor called CPS to report his findings. We asked the court that she only be granted supervised visitation because we felt she was a flight risk given her history of just leaving for no apparent reason, the court denied our request and she ended up taking them out of state against court orders...Now she is stalking the father...Someone do something!

  • michaelclay Sep 26, 2011

    Tired Of Excuses, shouldn't we just be happy that she's ok? Some things are privet and we the public don't need to know.

  • Tired Of Excuses Sep 23, 2011

    I agree, "wtheck"??!! How incredibly inconsiderate. Her family thought something had happened to her, her face was on the front page of every news website drawing us in, causing concern and police don't feel it neccessary to elaborate?? Oh but she's safe and sound....well isn't that nice? Good for her. So the next time this happens, and it will because this is NC we'll go through this all over again, I just hope the outcome is as good as this one.

  • twc Sep 23, 2011

    What happens in Virginia stays in ... wait, that's Vegas. Ahhh, Virginia is for lovers!

  • Walkin Man Sep 23, 2011

    Seems a little inconsiderate to me to just disappear like that, especially if you're supposed to be at a family dinner and you don't show up. Hopefully her kids will never do that to her, but like they say, what goes around comes around.

  • gandalla Sep 23, 2011

    She was proably in looking to buy a horse

  • justcommonsense Sep 23, 2011

    Glad she is safe. Sounds like perhaps she just wanted a get away...without everybody in the family being involved. We may never know and that's perfectly ok.