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Fayetteville woman attacked by pit bulls

Posted August 2, 2010

— A Fayetteville woman was hospitalized Monday after being attacked by pit bulls.

Phyllis Ward, 47, told police she was walking on Patton Drive, near Grooms Street, when two pit bulls attacked her.

Ward suffered multiple bite marks and was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

When officers arrived, one of the dogs tried to attack and was shot, police said.

The animal was later found dead in a nearby woods. The dog had no identification tags and was picked up by animal control officers.

Police were still looking for the second dog Monday afternoon.


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  • luvinlife Aug 6, 2010

    I have a pit and a boxer, both 75lbs+ and neither one of them are aggressive. I got both of them because we have had several break ins at our house and in the neighborhood - they simply look mean. I have made sure to socialize them to other dogs, people, kids, cats, everything. They listen and obey commands and I can "call them off" at any point in time if they are barking at people (alerting us that they are in our yard). Pits do have a bad reputation but mainly because irresponsible owners breed them for fighting rather than protection. If people started breeding poodles for fighting they too would be dangerous...it's a dogs instinct, not the breed.

  • rixida Aug 4, 2010

    people who have pitbulls are trying to prove something. They usually have issues.

  • mad_dash Aug 3, 2010

    I think its funny how people who own these dogs tend to think they are sooo cool for it. When really, IMO it makes me automatically think you are trash. Have you ever noticed what type of ppl actually own these dogs? Im really not trying to be mean.. but think about it.. Chances are, they are trashy people, whether they are white, black, red or green..

  • ncguy Aug 3, 2010

    Oh darius and your liberal mind-

    Yes they have a reputation- why because they do %90 of attacks.
    It's called profiling a word you liberals don't like also known as common sense.

    Just like Arizona- oh you can't ask hispanics if they are illegal that would be profiling or even racism.

    So let's go look at the labs and poodles in that neighborhood they could have done the attacking.


  • rickryan86 Aug 3, 2010

    REAL SIMPLE,,,AND REAL C L E A R.......if one of those animals comes around you, your kids.....SHOOT IT!

  • DizzyDaphnee Aug 2, 2010

    If a Pit or Rot approaches me menacingly, I will do whatever I can to protect myself and harm them if necessary.

  • amyrn Aug 2, 2010

    Actually, you can look it up and find that German Shepards also attack and kill. There's a great link to dog bites and fatalities: http://www.dogbitelaw.com/Dog%20Attacks%201982%20to%202006%20Clifton.pdf

  • v4mcrider Aug 2, 2010

    Newsflash: 2 Golden Retrievers were reported to have licked a stranger who was walking alone feeling blue,, it was later reported a smile was on the face of the victim.

  • Winston Aug 2, 2010

    "There are no BAD dogs," imtoofast

    Yes there are....people might be the reason behind it and I don't care. A bad dog steps on my property and it'll be it's last steps.

  • Bon Viveur Aug 2, 2010

    Yeah, its just a reputation problem. but I wonder why you never see a Lab, Poodle, German Shepard, Greyhound, Terrier, Dachshund, Beagle, Huskie, Irish Setter, or Doberman mentioned in attacking someone? Who is covering those stories up? THAT needs to be investigated.