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Fayetteville woman accused of sex with 14-year-old

Posted March 16, 2011

— A Fayetteville woman is accused of giving marijuana to and having sex with a 14-year-old boy, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Crystal Gail Tompkins, of 3624 Dorian Road, was arrested Tuesday on 12 counts of statutory sex offense, six counts of crimes against nature and one count of obstructing justice.

Investigators said Tompkins and the victim began having a sexual relationship in the early fall of 2010. She gave him marijuana during their encounters, investigators said.

Tompkins was placed in the Cumberland County jail under a $950,000 bond. She was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.


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  • Mar 17, 2011

    Yeah, where was she when I was 14?
    It's a little different for boys.
    And we won't get pregnant.

  • rickardcv Mar 17, 2011

    Does this really make sence, the woman is under almost a million dollar bond, while a man involved in a shooting over the weekend was out on bond on a charge of attempted murder and his bond less than 200k. this woman was wrong but she wasn't trying to kill anybody.

  • michaelclay Mar 17, 2011

    gopack07, you're right it dose take two but he is not guilty. What would you think if it was a 14 year old girl willingly having sex with an adult male? Would she be guilty also. 14 is 14 male or female.

  • gopack07 Mar 17, 2011

    It takes two. They're both guilty in this. You have to almost have the mentality of a 14 year old to be attracted to a kid that age. Gross.

  • belovedsparrow Mar 16, 2011

    She is most definately wrong to have slept with a 14 year old. However, I'm with alot of you. Most 14 year old boys are having sex (or trying to) with any female who will let them. This woman is a grown woman though. I cannot imagine what on earth would be attractive about a 14 year old boy to a grown woman.

    I do think there is a double standard here with boys typically seeking out sexual encounters. It is unlikely that she lured him into it.

    Back to the double standard... Girls are viewed in a lesser light for sleeping with guys... guys are considered to be studs... so this is the same double standard that has been in place for years. I dont agree at all with what she did! But I do not see him as a "victim".

  • fayelcox Mar 16, 2011

    Don't point your fingers or say I will not let my child or where where the parents. We do not know what our children are doing when they are not with us , as their parent or parents. At 14 boys will be boys and girls will be girls when not around mom or dad. We as parents can raise our children the best we know how, but we can not keep them tied to us.

  • TravelinMan Mar 16, 2011

    Thank you for answering my question Moderator Sickle & Hammer

  • bear2010 Mar 16, 2011

    BIG UPS!!TO RM24!!!!

  • tar97heel Mar 16, 2011

    I'll be the 400th guy to say, when I was 14, there certainly were female teachers the boys all found, erm, "attractive." I certainly wouldn't have considered myself to have been "raped" or "molested" if I'd had it happen to me, and I doubt a single boy in class would either.

    It seems like sex, drugs (and rock n roll?) make everybody squeamish. 20 years ago, I can't imagine anyone in my circle of childhood friends would have seen anything wrong with this. It would have been the source of high-5s among the boys. It seems as though we're going back to living in the 17th century here.

  • wildcat Mar 16, 2011

    Does this lady have children or a husband? How does all this affect her family and friends?