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Fayetteville teacher's aide charged with sex crimes against teen

Posted June 7, 2013

— Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives arrested a 34-year-old teacher’s aide Thursday and charged her with multiple sex crimes involving a 15-year-old boy.

Kari Maria Hogue, of 5553 Marsh Road, is charged with three counts of first-degree sex offense, three counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor and two counts of crimes against nature.

The boy told detectives the encounters happened in Hogue's vehicle numerous times between March 29 and April 1, according to the sheriff's office.

Hogue was released from the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $100,000 unsecured bond. She will make a first court appearance Friday afternoon in the detention center courtroom.

Hogue worked as a teacher's assistant at Alderman Road Elementary School and has been with the Cumberland County school system since 2008. She was put on leave from her job after the charges surfaced, according to the superintendent. No other information was released.


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  • sunshine1040 Jun 13, 2013

    Parents why was your child allowed ti get in this persons car. At 15 you should still know where your children are and who they are with? Aid need a lesson in law and parents need to start doing their job also

  • hmandi Jun 7, 2013

    shes actually my child teacher. she teach special need kids. shes been out of school for a week and no one said anything about this just that she had family issues to take care of. I found out else where about this news and I think its crazy no one from the school thought to let the parents from the kids she around every single day by her self know anything I called the board of education and all they told me was that what ever happened if anything was on their campus nor during school hours so they didn't see fit to let anyone know that's crazy. if she got a dui that's something different as long as shes not driving my kid anywhere are coming to work drunk but with charges like that we should be made aware.

  • scoobysissy Jun 7, 2013

    How about all of you who are so eager to punish her get the facts first. None of you know anything about her except what you've read in this article and assume that she is guilty. You should know all the information before you condemn someone like you all have done. I thought it was innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty not the other way around..

  • SFSOLDIER Jun 7, 2013

    I never had teachers' aids like that when I was teen...

  • raldude Jun 7, 2013

    Mike Hawk...Your comment made my day.

  • pawpawoscar Jun 7, 2013

    THINKING OUT LOUD hit the nail on the head

  • TheBigLC Jun 7, 2013

    Oh and by the way...what does "what I do for a living" have to do with my opinion on this matter?

    Did you even read your own post? You said "group of people" to what "group" were you referring if it were not for people in the education system? The reason why I asked you what you do for a living is because I am sure I could find some in your profession who have done just as bad if not worse than this teachers aide. pot meet kettle..

  • datenobunaga2 Jun 7, 2013

    OMG crimes against nature for oral sex. NC is so lame and backwards.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 7, 2013

    "What profession is 100% focused on children."

    There are numerous "PROFESSIONS" that are 100 percent focused on children. I use the term PROFESSION loosely when associating it with teachers.

    "“I hope he gets the therapy he'll need to overcome this trauma.” Terkel"

    Sorry, but no trauma happened. What is currently counted as a criminal act happened.

  • smcallah Jun 7, 2013

    "AGAIN...with the sex crimes by an employee of our educational system.

    Are you all still so adamant that this is the group of people who should have "our future" in their hands?"

    You say that as if there is one every day or every week.

    There isn't even one every month.

    Some people are disgusting humans, no matter what their profession.

    Do you say the same of the professions of the men that are busted for having child porn? That happens a lot more often than teachers having affairs with students.