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Fayetteville student charged with bringing gun on campus

Posted September 18, 2012

— Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives charged a 15-year-old Jack Britt High School student with bringing a gun to the school’s campus Tuesday morning.

The student, whose name was not released, was charged with felony possession of a weapon on school property and was being held in a juvenile detention center. 

The gun was discovered after school staff received a tip that the student had a weapon. The teen was removed from class and searched.

No one was injured, and there was no prior notice that the student planned to bring the weapon to campus, sheriff's officials said.


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  • lopo Sep 19, 2012

    Hey wral, i've seen people get kicked off here for insulting people, now you have faymike calling law biding citizens names. Or is it because of his extreme liberal views?

  • fayncmike Sep 19, 2012

    " Why did he have access to the gun anyways?
    Just Plain Common Sense"

    Are you kidding me? We're saturated with guns. Heck, you can't swing a cat without hitting a gun. Most every dwelling has a few laying around.

  • fayncmike Sep 19, 2012

    What's the problem? We're conditioning the nation to become a bunch of pistol packing Yahoos so why would anyone not expect our kids to not follow our example? Give him a few days detention and no dessert for a week.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 19, 2012

    Glad someone had the sense to provide the tip. No telling what was going through the kid's mind.

  • Just Plain Common Sense Sep 18, 2012

    GLAD THEY FOUND out before the teenager did something else stupid. My question? Why did he have access to the gun anyways?

  • Scubagirl Sep 18, 2012

    Kids just DO NOT THINK!!!! Put some teeth into the school policy, and the law