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Fayetteville police warn of new scam

Posted March 18, 2013

Police are trying to spread the word about a scam in Fayetteville.

Detectives have received several reports from people who say they've been informed by someone claiming to work for the government that they've been awarded a federal grant.

But to receive the grant, they must first wire money to someone outside the country.

Police warn residents to be careful of such a scam and to remember that con artists often change their tactics.

"Remember, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true," a police spokesman said Monday.


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  • Scubagirl Mar 18, 2013

    Please tell me NO ONE would fall for this still! This isn't new, changed a bit maybe, but not new.

  • Obamacare rises Mar 18, 2013

    I love messing with these Nigerians. They get so mad when you call them out on their scam.

  • dirkdiggler Mar 18, 2013

    how is this a new scam? 'you have a huge lump sum coming to you, but first you need to wire money overseas' scams have been around longer than the internet.....

  • Terkel Mar 18, 2013

    I get these emails all the time, but since this seems to be confined to Fayetteville, could we please learn how they were contacted?

  • Snakebite Survivor Mar 18, 2013

    Oh, brother.

    First clue: Wire money
    Second clue: Pay money to get something you've won

    I hope nobody has actually fallen for this one.

  • jeff27577 Mar 18, 2013

    whats sad is stupid people will fall for it

  • GravyPig Mar 18, 2013

    Glad they are putting the info out there.

    That being said, any time you win or are apporved for something that you didn't enter for .... It's a scam.

    When you have to send them money to get your money .... That's a scam.

  • carrboroyouth Mar 18, 2013

    Wire money outside of the country...for a federal grant.

    Did this scam work!?

  • Holy Carp. Mar 18, 2013

    First clue- "Wire money to someone outside the country" Next