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Fayetteville police seek second man in Ya-Ya Food Mart homicide

Posted July 23, 2009

— Fayetteville homicide detectives are now searching for two men who are wanted in the shooting death of a Ya-Ya Food Mart owner on June 27.

Police issued warrants Wednesday for the arrest of Shane Tradale Johnson, 20, of 545 Hilliard Drive.

He is charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of Waheed Abdulla, 30, who died as a result of a gunshot wound from a stray bullet. Johnson also has outstanding warrants for other crimes.

Police are also looking for Michael Antoine McLaurin, 27, who is wanted in the food mart shooting as well. On July 10, officers charged him with first-degree murder, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon. As of Thursday, McLaurin was still on the loose.

McLaurin’s last known address was 628 Wilma St. He is considered armed and dangerous because he has a long criminal history involving violent felonies, according to police.

The charges stem from a shooting at the Ya-Ya Food Mart, 3122 Murchison Road. Police said Abdulla went outside to break up a disturbance around 1 a.m., and gunfire erupted.

When police arrived, they found Abdulla's body lying on the floor inside the business and another man, Demetrius Deshawn Johnson, 20, of 545 Hilliard Drive, dead in the front passenger seat of a vehicle in front of the business.

It's unclear if Shane Johnson and Demetrius Johnson are related.

Anyone with information is urged to call Fayetteville police at 910-433-1856. To leave an anonymous tip and be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward, contact Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477 (TIPS).


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  • ncsudan Jul 23, 2009

    The posts on this board are a sad commentary on the state of our country/state. Some question if the owner (now dead) was legally in the U.S.? This has ZERO bearing on this case, or on his MURDER. The posts about racism and the president show a simple lack of understanding, and a desire to lash out in a forum that has zero connection with the original reason they are upset. What does a disorderly arrest in MA have to do with a murder in NC when no police conduct/suspect conduct is involved? The answer is nothing, just some sad individuals looking for ANY forum to vent their views. Try spending your time doing something constructive for your community/country, instead of adding to the level of hate.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 23, 2009

    Followup to my previous post..... If the employers suffered embarassment due to the employee's actions, many more would lose their jobs because of it. This would add EVEN MORE pressure on these individuals to lead a clean life. We are WAY TOO EASY on people these days. There has to be Severe Consequences for your actions. And we all know the court system isn't severe enough on these people.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 23, 2009

    When people are arrested for crimes, IF they are employed, the company they work for should also be published in these articles. My guess is MANY of them don't work, and shouldn't be employed if they act and look like that. Their Employers should also have a black mark if they are known to constantly hire this type of individual. Then the companies would get very serious about who they hire. This pressure would force many to further clean up their lives if they want to get a job.

  • working for deadbeats Jul 23, 2009

    You don't need a permit to keep a gun at your store or house. You need one if you want to wear it concealed in public.

  • nanasix Jul 23, 2009

    I can't believe these comments. I have a question, have the police run Waheed Abdulla through the system to determine if he and his associates (other personnel) are in the U.S. legally? Many of the owners of convenience stores are illegals. They form their own corporation and business, as they can't work for anyone else without documentation. They often house their employees, pay them in cash, and take no taxes out of their pay check. Hope someone will take a close look at what really goes on in this store..maybe The Dept of Revenue, IRS, ICE??? Would be interesting to learn the outcome. I'm sorry the man's dead, but if he and his cohorts are illegals, let's remove the rest of them, and charge them with their crimes. If he's not married/legally, wonder how many live with him. I've heard they change beds with those not working...because there are so many being housed. Did police check to see if the owner had a weapon on premises, and if he had a premit?

  • I like everybody Jul 23, 2009

    These two were just trying to help the owner of the store open his stuck cash register when a gun went off accidently striking the Ya-Ya man. What's wrong with you people? Always trying to blame...when they were there to help.

  • working for deadbeats Jul 23, 2009

    FPD better back off! They'll be called racist and stupid by Barak. Let them run wild. Who cares anymore?

  • panthers254 Jul 23, 2009

    where would the d.o.c. be without fayetteville and durham ??

    well..... less busy.

  • meh2 Jul 23, 2009

    I blame the police - they are racists. Our president knows this.

  • RealityChek Jul 23, 2009

    Wow - This does not sound like the outstanding, well educated, anti-gang citizens that these idiots appear to be. I'm shocked! Without Fayetteville and Durham in the picture, what kind of news could we have left to report?