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Fayetteville police search for man, daughters

Posted April 25, 2011
Updated April 27, 2011

— Fayetteville police are asking the public's help in locating a 34-year-old man and his two daughters.

Danny Ray Smith was last seen Saturday morning leaving his home with his daughters. They left on foot and did not take any of their personal belongings, police said.

Detectives believe Smith and the children might be in the Fayetteville or Roseboro areas.

Smith is described as white, 5-foot-9 and 240 pounds. He has short, brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue or teal T-shirt with a Carolina Panther emblem on the front.

Deanna Smith, is described as white, 11 years old with shoulder-length, blond, wavy hair and blue eyes. She is 4-foot-9 and 125 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink and purple short-sleeved shirt with butterflies on it, blue jeans with rhinestones on the pockets and pink and black Adidas sneakers.

Olivia Smith, 7, is white with long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. She is 4-foot-3 and 75 pounds. She was last seen wearing pink and silver tennis shoes with lights on the back.

Although foul play is not suspected, authorities said they are concerned for their well-being and are asking Smith to contact authorities to let them know they are safe.

Anyone who has information on Smith or his whereabouts should contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1851.


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  • purplezbra93 Apr 26, 2011

    Totally agree pepper27591. By the descriptions without the picture, it sounds like it can be anybody.

  • pepper27591 Apr 26, 2011

    Ummmm...how about a picture of these people. Surely someone has a photo which would make it much easier to spot someone than a random description.

  • kilnntime Apr 26, 2011

    This is not right, people do not just walk away from home with nothing and disappear for 3 days, for a ocuple hours maybe, over night possibly but that was saturday morning, this is tuesday morning. Can they not get some pictures of this family up so people might recognize them should they see them? What was going on in that house before they disappeared? Is there any mental illness with the father? does he own a gun? there should of been more effort to find them sooner, every hour that passes without knowing where they are is making it more likely something is seriously wrong. Get off your duffs police dept and go find out what is really going on, this is not normal behavior for anyone.

  • hellorhighwaters Apr 25, 2011

    Fuquay Resident....I hope you are right. They have been gone just a little too long to feel comfortable about this.

    I hope all three come home safely.

    They didn't take any personal belongings.....that's puzzling.
    They been gone for what two days now. If they are at a friends house, I would think after two days they might want to change clothes and freshen up a little.

    Sounds like they the authority's need to do some real hard looking at this point. Just to be on the safe side.

    Obviously, this is out of the norm, if someone has gone to the police about the matter. They are worried; and the police should be too.

    My prayers are with the children and their father; that no harm has come to them.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 25, 2011

    What in the world! I pray they are safe and are found soon.

  • Fuquay Resident Apr 25, 2011

    I hope this man and his girls are safe. They don't say who reported them missing, the mother or who. I would think maybe they went to the beach for the weekend but...it's a long walk since they left on foot. Maybe they walked over to a firends house and rode somewhere for the weekend with him.