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Fayetteville police officer taken to hospital after wreck

Posted February 3, 2012

— A Fayetteville police officer was taken to a hospital early Friday after hitting a tree near the intersection of Bailey Lake Road and Strickland Bridge Road.

Police said Officer Donnie Smith was responding to a reported burglary before 4 a.m. when he swerved to avoid a car entering the road. He lost control of his patrol car and hit the tree.

The intersection is west of downtown Fayetteville, off Raeford Road.

Smith was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical center for treatment of minor injuries.

No charges have been filed.


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  • piene2 Feb 8, 2012

    "+++Will he be cited for property damage, failure to control, speeding? Of course not. He's a cop and this certainly wasn't his fault. After all, he was swerving to miss hitting some "mysterious driver" who wasn't identified. love2dostuff+++

    ironic that they'll always find something to charge a civilian with in these cases (ie laws written that say you cant avoid an accident that causes another). i hope he's okay, but it sounds like he wasn't driving very safe to begin with.
    abylelab -BT-"

    Oh come now, we all know the cops are above the law, epically Fayetteville cops who, by and large are totally out of control. Nothing will happen to the cop but some paid leave while he "recuperates" from the traumatic experience. What do you want to bet that somehow his on board camera malfunctioned?

  • 416wfe_3 Feb 3, 2012

    Thank you justdontgetit......the rest justdontgetit and it is sad. If it was their mom's house they would def want them to hurry up and get there. I understand that Fayetteville PD has a lot of publicity right now and the media is taking all the negative and maybe some of the positive they can find and posting it right behind the other. I do find it concerning that there are 60 comments supporting the police on on another page where an officer had to tase a woman in a McDonald's drive thru line because she skipped line and refused to move but yet this page has negative comments on an officer who is trying to get to a burglary and unfortunately has an accident. Instead maybe people should say thank God all parties are okay and hopefully the suspect was caught!!

  • justdontgetit Feb 3, 2012

    Well I see that maranda is right the bashers are out in full force here once again... Here an officer was hurt responding to a call for help from a citizen of Fayetteville who called 911 because someone was breaking into their home. Now answer this all of you cop haters.. if that was your mothers house would you want him to hurry up and get there before someone got in the house and hurt her or worse killed her... or would you want him to take his sweet time and not get there in time? It was 4am and yes I know there is traffic at 4am in Fayetteville but I dont think its against policy for them to run emergency traffic to an EMERGENCY. Funny to me there are wrecks involving cops everyday in this country but yall sure do seem to like to pick on the officers of the Fay. PD no matter what it is for. If one of them was on here for getting a reward for saving someones life im sure some of yall would find a way to cut him down or try to make him look bad..... pathetic just pathetic!

  • 416wfe_3 Feb 3, 2012

    You know what....all you people on here can bash the police all you want to. Yes even they make mistakes however the majority of people don't dial 911 that often but when they do they would call and complain if it "took to long" for them to get there. I can't count the number of times I have seen police officers and ambulance drivers with sirens and lights on and people not move out of the way. Maybe you guys should go down to Fayetteville and do a ride along if you got the guts for it but until then keep your mouths closed and your comments to yourself. Until you ride with them one time and see what they go through on a daily basis you would be in the "police officers" fan club too. They put their lives on the line for what $30,000 a year!!! That's a real big time paying job right there to have bullets flying at you all the time and breaking up fights because two adults are arguing over a tv. Give me a break and grow up.

  • thepeopleschamp Feb 3, 2012

    @ NCSU08, agreed. Had this been anyone whining about the officer who wrecked a car their name wouldn't be on wral.com for all to see. If Fayetteville PD has a violation on him he will be charged. Far be it to actually think he may be telling the truth and did swerve to miss a car. He will also have this follow him at work, have to attend a review board, and other things that the "treat him liek everybody else" crowd has no idea about. If he is in the wrong please don't lose any sleep that he will be held accountable. So glad so many see a headline that an officer is sent to the hospital from a wreck and their first comments are "fire him" and whining that he wasn't arrested.

  • NCSU08 Feb 3, 2012

    "He should be fired, lose his license and have to pay triple insurance costs like anybody else driving a company vehicle."

    Last time I checked you don't lose your license just because you were speeding and/or had a wreck. Its safe to assume that if that were the case at some point in your life you would have been driving around on a revoked license. You preach about holding the officer to the same standard as you, yet here you are wanting to punish him more than you would ever be punished in the same circumstances. At the very most he should recieve the fines from the citations and termination IF he violated department policy.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 3, 2012

    We all make mistakes at work, it's just that ours don't make it in the news

  • jesseramone Feb 3, 2012

    If cops followed the rules of the road or the laws they so love to enforce this probably wouldn't have happened in the first place. I see more cops ignoring rules of the road than I do driving safely. Time to hold them to the same standard they hold us. He should be fired, lose his license and have to pay triple insurance costs like anybody else driving a company vehicle.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 3, 2012

    Waiting to see if there is an up date on what happen to the other "car" he avoided.

  • bombayrunner Feb 3, 2012

    and for all you gonna start whining that WRAL is picking on the cops ... the media is not under your above the law blue curtain.