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Fayetteville Police: Gang Initiation Reports Not True

Posted March 26, 2008

— Text messages and e-mails circulating through Fayetteville and other parts of the state warning of gang initiations aren't true, police said Wednesday.

The message warns individuals of a rear-end collision in which likely gang members attack the unsuspecting driver.

After receiving a number of phone calls about the message, the police department's Office of Special Information found nothing to substantiate it "and at this point, believe the information is an urban legend."

Police, however, encourage citizens with questions or who are involved in any situation that may seem suspicious to contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1856.


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  • iamforjustice Mar 27, 2008

    Sometimes too much information is not a good thing. The initiation could have been true but a leak got out and now the Police is saying it was false and now everyone has their guards down. Now it really is going to happen. Thank you reporters. Just like you reported that it was a girl and best friend to the Lovette guy that turned him in...now she is going to get it...Thank you reporters

  • bluford2 Mar 26, 2008

    ok so this is an "urban legend". well, even urban legends have some basis of fact.

    there is a severe gang problem in the schools and communities of wake, cumberland, harnett counties and more i'm sure.....that is a real fact.

    An additional fact is that the law enforcement agencies have not been able eradicate or even control their criminal activities - another real fact.

    be afraid people, be very afraid.

  • fedupwithitall Mar 26, 2008

    This reminds me of the other legend "don't flash your lights for a car that doesn't have their headlights on". This was another one, supposedly it was a gang initiation thing, and if you flashed your lights at them, they would turn around and kill you. I always flash my lights at cars that don't have their headlights on...I think it would be funny if one actually turned around and came after me...they might get a rude awakening if they actually caught up with me.