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Fayetteville officers save person during apparent suicide attempt

Posted January 5, 2011

— Two Fayetteville police officers saved a person who was apparently trying to commit suicide Wednesday morning.

The person's name, age and gender were not released.

Around 8 a.m., officers Douglas Austin and John Newland responded to the area of Pepperbush Drive and Bingham Drive in reference to a well-being check.

There, they found a vehicle backed up to a garage with apparatuses running from the vehicle's exhaust system into the garage, which was sealed with blankets along the bottom of the door, according to police. 

"The officers recognized this set-up as an apparent suicide attempt and took immediate action," police spokesman Sgt. John Somerindyke said in a statement. "They were able to turn the ignition to the vehicle off, then force their way into the garage by smashing a window to the door."

The officers found a semi-conscious person lying in a cardboard box on the floor of the garage, police said. They took the person outside to get fresh air, helped the person regain consciousness and called for an ambulance.

Emergency workers took the person to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for evaluation.

"Due to the officers’ diligent actions, the subject is currently recovering and is in stable condition," Somerindyke said.


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  • ohmygosh Jan 6, 2011

    Does anybody out there really believe the gutted NC Mental Health system is capable of treating any of these people? Being locked up involuntarily like a criminal and "treated" by the on duty psych with meds (which often do more harm than good) till you get out hardly addresses the problems. Once you're out, there is essentially no timely support available.

    Also making the judgment that the person didn't know what they were doing or logically arrive at the suicide solution is just plain wrong in many cases. It is a fact that many depressed people (having shed their rose colored glasses) actually size up situations more accurately and realistically than their peers.

  • leo-nc Jan 6, 2011

    "Thats the problem with todays society. everyone wants to be rewarded for doing what they should be doing anyway. They are already decorated for what they did....with a paycheck!"----

    Not much of one. Especially down there. Go back to work and do something so your company isn't wasting money on you.

  • dwr1964 Jan 5, 2011

    Thats the problem with todays society. everyone wants to be rewarded for doing what they should be doing anyway. They are already decorated for what they did....with a paycheck!...simmian72

    When it's you in trouble, we all will instruct these guys to overlook you. Since you have no praise for them and all.

  • Baybee Doll Jan 5, 2011

    What a wonderful thing these officers did. May God bless them.

  • 1Moms_View Jan 5, 2011

    simmian72, no where in the article did I read that the officers were asking for praise.

    Kudos to them anyway for being observant and following through.

  • simmian72 Jan 5, 2011

    Thats the problem with todays society. everyone wants to be rewarded for doing what they should be doing anyway. They are already decorated for what they did....with a paycheck!

  • ugottabkiddinme Jan 5, 2011

    It's absurd that somebody cannot take their own life in peace. Why must people meddle in other folks' business? Sometimes, people just have enough and need to leave this world. This person will probably be many times more distraught and miserable now than they were because they will certainly be confined to a mental health facility for months or even years. Their problem was not their intent. It was their method.

    There is no excuse to do this to the people who love you. i know from experience that once you complete suicide, it just sends the loved ones into a dark place, so yes it is selfish thing to do. True victoms are the ones left behind

  • mommyX4 Jan 5, 2011

    "ngsoldier, look the officers did a good thing that happened to be their "job". Not sure they should be decorated and recognized for doing their job. I work with neonatal and pediatric patients and dont get decorated or recognized for every childs life I help to save and I dont expect it because its my job."

    I think this was really selfish thing to say, I am sure that the babies you take care of and save, their parents and families tell you thank you for taking care of my baby. I know they are grateful just as I am and told the nurses and doctors that helped care for my twins. Any life saved deserves recognition, be it self inflicted or not. Life is valuable and credit should be given. Police officers are sworn to protect and uphold the law it does not state saving lives. They should be decorated and recognized for what they did.

  • promise1 Jan 5, 2011

    Let me just say that none of us has any idea what this person may have been going through. It is sooo easy for some to cast a quick judgment when you have no clue the hell this person may have been experiencing. Have you been through abusive relationships your whole life? Lost your kids? Been through unbearable emotional pain for years on end? Or physical? Lost your family and friends? Many of you are heartless and are so quick to throw your two cents out there when if you had to walk a mile in another's shoes your opinions would be totally different. Step outside your comfortable little world and get a clue. It is good that this person's life was saved, but I hope so much that they will have people to really support them because they will continue to live in despair without love and encouragement.

  • Diabolical Jan 5, 2011

    Glad they saved him in time. Kudos to the officers. If he tried it once, what says he won't try it again?