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Fayetteville officers injured while making arrest

Posted November 9, 2009

— Two Fayetteville police officers were injured Monday while trying to arrest a domestic violence suspect at the Ponderosa Shopping Center.

The officers were attempting to take Herbert Osborne Mayo III, 23, into custody when they sustained injuries.

Authorities said Mayo wrestled with one officer and then led another on a foot chase.

Both officers were taken to the hospital to be checked out. They are expected to be OK.

Mayo was arrested and charged with domestic violence, misdemeanor larceny and obstructing justice.

The names of the officers were not released. The extent of their injuries was also not disclosed late Monday.


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  • truth_hurts6 Nov 10, 2009

    ghimmy, sorry that happened to you but police officers don't stay in the police station the entire shift...

    warm_beer, so you had a conversation with Bergamine? Were you as honest as you are now behind your screen name? I bet not.

    Increased crime? Sure, but what about increased arrests? A growing city is going to see growing crime. The judicial system plays a role in the increase in crime as well.

  • Everyones a know it all Nov 10, 2009

    Tom Bergamine has nothing to do with these police officers getting injured. He does not train the city police officers himself. Do you not know a thing about a police department there are certain people who have certain jobs all throughout the department. An you say you talked to who at the sandtrap? An you throwing in a comment after that isnt saying much considering you were there as well. If you don't know anything at all do not say anything.

  • NCStatePack Nov 10, 2009


    What does leadership have to do with two officers being injured while arresting a suspect? Tom doesn't train them. Tom doesn't lift weights for them. Your comment is therefore irrelevant to the story. Maybe you shouldn't be hitting up that "waterhole" so early in the morning.

  • bathroom_monkey Nov 10, 2009

    "Your comment in no way relates to this story."

    My comment does relate to this story. With a better leader these officers probably would not have gotten hurt. Tom Bergamine is useless. I have talked to the guy @ the Sandtrap (the local waterhole for Fayetteville's alcoholic cops). You will see. I predict in the next few months that he will be let go. When it comes down to it Cumberland county is one of the worst counties in the state for police protection. There are other people out there with related stories ghimmy, I know first hand.

  • ghimmy51 Nov 10, 2009

    Folks the Fayetteville police are worse than useless. I live ONE mile from the one and only station. They were called once when a burglar shot at me. It took them 41 minutes to arrive. My wife and I stopped taking evening walks many years ago when we were almost mugged in front of the police station. I talked our way out of it. Twice I heard noises from local businesses in the wee hours, looked to see someone breaking in and called the police. Both times they were slow to arrive. The guys were long gone. Of course I almost got hauled to jail myself. After all .. if you don't show up in time to get the guy, get the guy you got. They're worthless. Anyone who WANTS to be a cop should never be considered for the job.

  • truth_hurts6 Nov 10, 2009

    Warm_beer, what are you talking about?? Your comment in no way relates to this story. Sounds like you're one of those who feel like you've been "wronged" and just has to be heard...tell you what, go to Open Mic Night at the coucil meetings and make your comments known...stop hiding behind the screen name.

  • morebadnews Nov 10, 2009

    anitov- I agree!!! You are exactly right!!
    warm_beer_cold_women- How does this incident support what you are saying??!!

  • bathroom_monkey Nov 10, 2009

    When will Fayetteville residents realize that Tom Bergamine should be fired. The last couple of weeks show that the Fayetteville City Police need more training and a new leader. Their 911 system is a joke.

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 10, 2009

    If the headline was "Officers Injure Suspect" there would be 200 comments here.