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Fayetteville officer wounds man in struggle after traffic stop

Posted October 17, 2011

— A Linden man was in critical condition Monday after being shot by a Fayetteville police officer during a struggle outside a nightclub, police said.

Officer Bobby Cash and Police Specialist Heather Napieralski pulled over a car for a traffic violation at about 12:45 a.m., police said. The officers stopped the car in the parking lot of Sparky's Club, at 740 Bragg Blvd.

When one of the officers approached the car, a fight ensued, and the officer fired several shots during the struggle, striking the driver in the torso, police said.

Gregory Paul Townsend, 45, underwent surgery at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and was stable Monday afternoon, police said.

Police didn't disclose who fired the shots, but both Cash and Napieralski have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of internal and  State Bureau of Investigation reviews of the shooting.


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  • gaangelpch34 Oct 27, 2011

    For those of you bashing Greg out of hatred, jealousy or whatever your reason maybe, Please refrain from your comments. I hope you realize he has two innocent children and a mother that has access to see what you rude people are saying! Furthermore, Summer you said it very well. Yes, Police officers have a difficult job, but some take their job way over the limit. They like having that authority. Having an outstanding warrant and a struggle that began, didn't give him the right to shoot a man MULTIPLE times. A man that was said to be in "stable condition", remained in a coma until he past away this morning. Rip... Greg Townsend we will miss you very much. Prayers for the kids and my aunt!!

  • jgt2012 Oct 26, 2011

    voiceofreason32 same for u.

  • jgt2012 Oct 26, 2011

    thank you to mitchellsummer1994

  • roofaontop69 Oct 20, 2011

    LOL...now were quoteing law?...an saying not to speak of at the same time?....I thought facts were important?!...Im a firm believer in "due process" an a fair shake...but gimmie a break anyone that knows Greg..or at least comes on here an says they do...also KNOWS his true history..if not from just the police blotter!..Lets not pretend hes some saint or troubled soul..He should have been in prison years ago!....But due to big $$ an some luck he hasnt An its not that I (again) wish any evil or missfourtune on the man...he brought it all on HIMSELF!..Getting shot whilst in a "scuffle" is horrible to be sure...but the real point here is an always will be, hes an addict who again got caught, tried to impose his will on an officer an paid dear consequences for it..Mr George Townsends memory should have never been brought up, for he was an awesome man, an to connect his memory to this in an attempt to softin hearts an minds is totaly wrong...So..no bar..hood..race..or memory of the dead is

  • mitchellsummer1994 Oct 19, 2011

    According to federal law, force is only used one level above the force given. In this case, since tasers were banned in Fayetteville, a baton would have been the next weapon in line. Also, one is not to speak on the individual..regardless of his history, record, or what he "participates" in, the law is the law. I would hope that all of you would see the wrong in what was done. A scuffle should not result in almost killing a man, that's completely unconstitutional. Further more, no one except for Mr. Townsend and the residing officers know what this "scuffle" was over. Also, to those of you who refrained from using the euphemisms, and basically saying he should have been killed, I pray for you. He has a loving family, including a mother who just lost her husband. Until the investigation is over, no further judgements can be made.

  • roofaontop69 Oct 19, 2011

    It always amuses me how many people want to comment on what is either thier own ajenda or has nothing to do with an article....Mr Townsend,has been in one form of trouble or another all his adult life.. When youve been bailed out..enabled.. or just plain ol got away with stuff all your life.. you feel "impowered an priveledged"..so to speak..Even wish a thriving business..Mr Townsend has lived in an participates in the drug world for the 26 odd yrs Ive known him..to the point of addiction...I.E..daummm near 20k per month on OXY a fact most of his "friends" know to be true!...Hes a dealer and a user who finaly got his "due" in a most horrible way...I wish no evil on this man..but fact and truth are sometimes just that...Sober ppl dont jump out an attack police officers!...So.I hope he survives an finds the help he needs..and I also hope the officers actions are found to be just...Its a sad thing but was bound to happen..that it took so long is the truely amazing part...I feel so sorry

  • hunter38 Oct 18, 2011

    Race shouldn't even be mentioned in these posts people....if you fight and struggle with the police, they will act....I don't think they really care about the color of the skin of the dude that is trying to hurt or kill someone.

  • TeenDAD Oct 18, 2011

    Typical police always picking fights

  • voiceofreason32 Oct 18, 2011

    "Fayetteville officer wounds man in struggle after traffic stop"

    GOTTA love the BIAS

    Better: "Suspect shot while assauling police officers"

  • danunger Oct 18, 2011

    Run from or fight with the Police, get shot.....sounds simple to me.