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Fayetteville officer, K-9 assaulted; suspect shot

Posted June 18, 2008
Updated June 19, 2008

— A Fayetteville police officer and his K-9 were assaulted Wednesday while responding to a reported burglary, police said.

Officer Michael Yount saw three men matching the description of burglary suspects in the area of Stamper and McGougan roads, and they began beating him, police said. Yount went to his patrol car and tried to release his K-9, Tricky, but the three men continued to beat on him and kicked and punched the dog, police said.

Yount eventually fired a shot and struck one of the men in the leg, police said.

Brothers Danny Corey Williams, 19, and Tremayne Quartez Williams, 21, both of 2103 Woodbine Ave., were each charged with assault on a government official, injury to personal property and assault on a police K-9. Attempted breaking and entering charges are pending against the pair, as well as against an unidentified 15-year-old.

Danny Williams was treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for a gunshot wound to his leg and released.

Yount and Tricky also were treated for their injuries, police said.

Yount was placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of a State Bureau of Investigation review of the shooting.


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  • jimmycrackcorn Jun 20, 2008


    If three people are beating you up, trust me, you don't need a judge and jury to determine that, the pain, fear, anger and sweat is enough evidence. An Officer as well as ANY citizen is allowed to defend themselves.
    I am pretty liberal but not when it comes to violent criminals or self defense.

  • chfdcpt Jun 20, 2008

    Pharmboy, you are very correct. It is standard policy that if an officer has to shoot at someone (injured/vicious animals don't count), they are placed on administrative leave (with pay) or put on desk duty. The SBI is called in to investigate. If the officer is cleared of any wrong doing, then he is placed back on patrol.

    He was fighting for his life, so he was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself.

    I am glad that the officer and his partner are ok.

  • Mom of two Jun 19, 2008

    I am glad everyone is doing ok. I hope these people get what they deserve.

  • Pharmboy Jun 19, 2008

    Any officer who discharges their firearm in public for whatever reason is placed on desk duty or paid leave. This is standard procedure. I hope the officer and cop are OK. As for the three attackers, I hope they get their just deserve after they are convicted.

  • Pharmboy Jun 19, 2008

    Hey, if three people are kicking your but, you are not going to be able to properly draw a side-arm and shoot for the torso. Whether it hit someone in the torso or leg is not a priority during a physical fight with three people, Murph! Get real! This was not a movie, it was a cop fighting for his life against three criminals who don't care if it was a cop or you! You are going to try to look at your surroundings/bystanders, hold/contain the gun so that it is not going to be turned against you, and shoot to STOP the attack.

  • mmania Jun 19, 2008


    Right. Let's just assume guilty until proven innocent. Oh and while we're at it, let's just throw Habeas Corpus out the window too..

    They were caught in the act, started beating up the officer and his K9 and you want to say they're not guilty? That's rich!!!!!

  • Dolphan Jun 19, 2008

    "I think the Fayetteville police should go back to fire arms class. You're supposed to shoot for the torso. Now, this guy is taking up tax money being held, tried, prison, probation etc. One good shot and he'd be out of the gene pool and save taxpayer money at the same time." - murph

    Right. Let's just assume guilty until proven innocent. Oh and while we're at it, let's just throw Habeas Corpus out the window too..

    No worries, the way this country is going, we'll be a Martial State within 20 years..

  • RAINDOG Jun 19, 2008


  • yaright Jun 19, 2008

    Ya for the cop

  • Jayne Jun 19, 2008

    Fort Bragg Blvd??? it's either BRAGG BLVD or FT BRAGG RD... which one is it? probably the former... but the officer will probably be suspended with pay and end up back on the job within the end of the month