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Fayetteville mother faces charge of child abuse

Posted June 19, 2008

— A Fayetteville woman was charged with child abuse after a babysitter noticed bruises on the child she was tending.

Angelita Alcazar, 23, of 5810 Glenpine Drive, allegedly hit her two-year-old with her hand and belt sometime between June 14 and 15.

The child was placed in temporary custody by the Department of Social Services, and the mother was released from the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $1,000 bond.


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  • thebeautifulONE Jun 20, 2008

    She needs to locked up

  • Leeca Jun 19, 2008

    Can someone please explain to me how spanking works as punishment? Seriously, is scaring a child the way to teach them right from wrong? Every person on here who is in favor of spanking mentions that they were spanked themselves so it proves what a vicious cycle it is. I have 5 children, 3 under the age of 7, and although they drive me crazy at times, I have never encountered a situation that warranted spanking. And although my kids are not perfect, they are very well behaved...most of the time.

  • bluewind Jun 19, 2008

    Another case of child abuse!!! It's too bad all it takes to be a parent is biological. Anyone can get pregnant, and anyone can father. It's disgusting how people treat these most precious gifts from God!!!

  • seasiren8320 Jun 19, 2008

    Two minutes of time out is appropriate for a two year old. Now I can understand popping a hand or even a swat on the behind but no bruises. My child is 14 months old and telling him no and moving him away from whatever he was trying to grab has been effective. Now he understands that no means not touching something and we never had to lay a hand on him.

  • enoughsenough Jun 19, 2008

    veekee: Maybe you didn' read all I said carefully. I stated that it wasn't ok to hit a 2 year old with a belt. But when they get older sometimes it is needed. If you don't like spanking then don't do it, but don't tell others how to raise their kids. I don't agree with abuse.

  • veekee Jun 19, 2008

    Hitting a 2 year old child with a belt is not acceptable under any circumstance and I don't give a rat about what anyone's parent's did in the seventies - it never WAS ok and it never WILL BE ok.

    Hitting a 2 year old child hard enough to leave a bruise is also not ok. Why would you be so quick to take the mother's side? I would think I would err on the side of that the law wouldn't CHARGE her without pretty good chance she did that. I don't think that's the case with everything, but most likely she admitted to it or something. I'm gonna guess there were some finger shaped bruises or handprints.

  • enoughsenough Jun 19, 2008

    I grew up in the 70's. We didn't know what a spanking was. We got our rear ends kicked. My mom wore us out when we needed it. When we became teenagers, she would slap you winding and or knock your head loose if needed. However, she was the best mom you could ever want. She was very loving, but we knew not to push it. We are all very very close and I wouldn't trade her for the world. You can be strict and loving. But I do realize what abuse is. I'll agree that 2 years old is too young for a belt.

  • mmania Jun 19, 2008

    BTW-I was a registered nanny in NC for over 10 years. The problem is rarely the child and mostly the parents, every single time.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

    Is there anything you haven't been or done?

    I got a beating when I deserved it and I grew up to be a well adjusted adult. Too many times people stick their noses in where it doesn't belong.

  • whocares Jun 19, 2008

    At least there was someone looking out for this child. It could have been that we would have a repeat of the Paddock incident and then everyone would wonder why no one spoke up for the child.

  • tiblet Jun 19, 2008

    Way to go Babysitter...to many times people decide to get involved or just turn the other cheek.