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Fayetteville mayor wants curfew for youth

Posted July 11, 2014

Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson

— Fayetteville's mayor says he believes a citywide curfew for children could help curb violence in the city.

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Mayor Nat Robertson said Friday that he also wants an ordinance to ban loitering around schools and that he has asked city staff to look at the legal and practical issues of implementing such policies.

The City Council could consider the idea next month.

"We've got kids out there that are committing violent crimes. We've just got to put a stop to it," Robertson said. "Parents have got to start parenting. The city's got to start taking responsibility in doing what we can with policy to make sure we get this back under control."

Cumberland County has had such a curfew since 1997, and Fayetteville Police Chief Harold Medlock enacted a curfew when he was deputy police chief in Charlotte.

He plans to work closely with the mayor and City Council on the matter.

Robertson's proposed curfew would prohibit children under the age of 16 from being on the street without adult supervision between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Residents like John Dekker, 73, support the move.

He coordinates community watch efforts in Fayetteville's Southgate area, where Ravon Jordan, 19, died last month after more than 70 bullets were fired during a shootout at a party.

Dekker says he's been trying for years to get a curfew in the city.

"It's only going to get worse unless something's done, and I think a curfew is a good start," he said. "It won't eliminate all (the violence), but it would certainly reduce what's going on in the city."


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  • George Costanza Jul 11, 2014
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    Nothing good happens after 12:00 am....nothing.

  • Ronald Nunn Jul 11, 2014
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    If Cumberland County already has a curfew in effect since 1997 from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., why isn't it enforced in Fayetteville? After all, Fayetteville is in Cumberland County isn't it?

  • TheCape Jul 11, 2014

    While I agree it is the parents fault, I also do not see parents such as what was used on me while I was growing up or anything from before that (I'm still under 30).

    With the curfew, even if the kids under 16 are not the issue, at least by an enforced curfew they can hopefully have less deaths or attacks on those youth and allow the police to concentrate on any that are out and actually causing trouble.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 11, 2014

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    The problem isn't always parental laziness.

    Government interference into the way parents raise their children nowadays, some warranted-some not, has led many parents to be too afraid to even thoroughly clean their children's bottoms after a messy diapers for fear of being called a child molester, let alone to paddle that child's behind for misbehavior.

    Instead of the government telling us what we CAN'T do, how about they give us guidelines for what we CAN do, without fearing repercussions from the law?

    And before it does that, government MUST realize Time Out/Restriction doesn't work on every child. They're as unalike as adults are meaning no one thing works for them all.

  • sunshine1040 Jul 11, 2014

    Why not if parents are too lazy to do their job then it is time somebody took over the rest of the job. The parents hired somebody to take care of their baby until he was 11 and child service cut off their free daycare and after school care . And if they have a reason to be on the street after 11: then there are permits issued such as they are self supporting and working emergency to and from hospital etc. Tampa had one when I was a child I did not live in the city but my parents curfew was even more strict and I had better be in the house before 10:oo on a school nigh after I turned 16 untill graduation when I got a job away from prior to that on schoold nigh I was in the house at sunset unless out with parents or at school function but my parents knew where I was and could reach me and no cell phone was available back then

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 11, 2014

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    The problem's ineffective parenting. As a teen, my parents kept an alarm clock set for 11pm on the bathroom windowsill when they went to bed. I was expected to be home before that alarm went off. If I didn't, they'd be up waiting, and the reception I got wouldn't be pleasant.

    Nowadays, however, government has so scared parents into often ineffective means of disciplining their own children, kids and parents both know if they even swat the child's backside, the kid can dial 911 and get them investigated, or worse.

    Time for government to back off, admit Time Out and Restriction don't work for every child, carefully and clearly define where appropriate discipline ends and abuse begins, and let parents raise their own children once again within those parameters.

    If you swat a child when you're angry, more than once, with something other than your hand or somewhere other than their backside - that MAY be abuse. It's just that simple!!!

  • lbnc24 Jul 11, 2014

    Having lived i the area before, there is nothing for kids under the age of 21 going on that late at night, so curfew for 16 and under would hopefully at least keep that age group out of trouble after 11 for the most part.

  • byrdunc Jul 11, 2014

    Curfew, is that the answer? probably not. What is the real problem? Who is committing the crimes? Where are they coming from? What is the real problem here?

  • mclaudia03 Jul 11, 2014

    I think it is a great idea!

  • Cheree Teasley Jul 11, 2014
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    I agree with super hans. There were all kinds of fun late night things. However most of the fun things I did were still on a location. All night laser tag, all night wall climbing, late night bowling, midnight skate.

    in Atlanta I recall you couldn't be wondering around outside after the curfew. However I remember going to a movie with a teen relative I was visiting when I also was a teen. The movie ended after curfew and the movie theater said we couldn't wait inside. We sapped outside and the police were out there waiting. They began to question me about the curfew, I didn't even know they had one. My mother pulled up shortly, she'd gotten turned around, we were not from GA, she'd gotten lost. The police had terrified me, they harrassed my sweet veteran mother. The movie has started hours before curfew as it was.

    I'd hate to see anywhere in NC turn into that, but they have to try something.