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Fayetteville man charged with trespassing, assault at high school

Posted March 9, 2010

— A Cumberland County man is accused of trespassing on a high school campus and assaulting a student on Tuesday.

Deputies say Anthony Gonzales, 18, of 7092 Pantego Drive in Fayetteville, sought out a 16-year-old student at 71st High School.

Gonzales does not attend the school and was not supposed to be on the campus when the assault occurred, authorities said.

Deputies said Gonzales refused to cooperate with them and became threatening. Law enforcement used a taser on him shortly before his arrest around 1 p.m.

Gonzales is charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, trespassing and having a weapon on a school campus.

He was released on bond from the Cumberland County Detention Center Tuesday afternoon.


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  • nonemeant Mar 10, 2010

    How can these people be go on a school campus; wreak all kinds of havoc and be released to continue their same violence??

  • BubbaDuke Mar 10, 2010

    Rather than threatening to taze the guy, they should have fired one warning round between his eyes.

  • blondectryrose Mar 10, 2010

    probably didnt get spanked enough as a kid!!!!

  • notagain1903 Mar 10, 2010

    18 years old and NOT in school must be a high achiever. way to smart to be in school learning rather go through the prison system to get his education. WAKE UP Dude!! you are old enough now that this will follow you around for life!

  • flapy Mar 10, 2010

    at whatusay:

    i agree he should cool off but he shouldn't be in jail for something like this, nowadays if you get arrested and don't make bail they will ship you all over the place in just a matter of a couple days and the whole process can get real frustrating

  • pebbles262004 Mar 10, 2010

    Why was he released ????

  • whatusay Mar 10, 2010

    Arrested and released... Why not let him sit in jail a few days and cool off?

  • Pseudonym Mar 10, 2010

    Sad when you're a legal grown-up and you get dissed by a 16-year old bad enough to show up at school. Pathetic. Grow up dude.