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Fayetteville man charged in death of 9-month-old

Posted September 9, 2011
Updated September 10, 2011

— A Fayetteville man was charged Friday with killing a baby girl left in his care in December, police said.

David Inman, 22, was charged with second-degree murder in the Dec. 5 death of 9-month-old Somiah Renee Prieto.

His bond was set at $250,000, and his first court appearance will be at 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Police began investigating the baby's death in April after an autopsy determined she died of a "non-accidental head injury."

Somiah's parents left her with a babysitter on Dec. 4 when they went out to celebrate a birthday. The sitter told police that she briefly left Somiah home with her boyfriend, and police said paramedics were later called to the home because the infant was unresponsive.


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  • You Dont Know The Facts Sep 19, 2011

    What is strange here, fellow posters, is that I have re-read the posts and I cannot find anyone that is defending what this guy is accused of doing to this poor child. Are you reading something in some other post carolinabelle3? I think you are family and that you desire to lash out at everyone when they state that justice will come out during the trial. It is hard on the parents of this little girl to have lost their children at such early ages. Pray for everyone with all your heart.

  • carolinabelle3 Sep 19, 2011

    missjuly is right about one thing the facts will come out and hopefully the babysitter will be charged as well. He did call 911 but what choice did he have other than to call 911 after he beat this child to death. If she was abused when she got there to the home then why didnt the sitter call 911 then? Only thing open at 11pm in NC are the streets so you figure that one out. Hopefully missjuly will never lose a child since she is so quick to defend him. There are too many people in NC getting away with killing children. This has to stop. He beat that child to death and I believe the sitter knows this. I heard his son in the background screaming on the 911 call and that is also suspect as well. While he is serving life in prison hopefully his own child wont endure the same.

  • carolinabelle3 Sep 19, 2011

    It is really sad that people are so quick to defend this person and make excuses for what he did. First of all let me tell you what he did. He took Somiah away from her mother and father as well as a family back in California . This baby was all her mother had. Her mother loved her with all her heart and would have given her life for her beautiful baby girl. This was the happiest I had ever seen her mother in her life when Somiah was born. Her mother had so many plans for her daughter's life and I was so proud to see her plan her childs future. Her mother was on top of the world with her beautiful baby. All she wanted to do was celebrate her birthday and trusted someone she thought was a friend to watch her child. We all know there is not much open at 11pm in NC so why this babysitter would have left the home is suspect. You are right about one thing we will find out what happened to this beautiful angel, you best believe that. Please pray for Somiah's mother and father!

  • missjuly10 Sep 16, 2011

    Grandmother, I know that you are going through pain right now. Any grand parent out there would be feeling the same way. The loss of a family memeber is absolutely heart breaking. No one is shedding light on any one because no one knows the true facts. Except three people: your grand daughter, David, and baby Somiah. I'm not a family member of this man, nor am i defending him. I am simply saying that NO ONE has the right to judge anyone because of the simple fact that everyone outside of the box knows ANYTHING that happened that night. Let the evidence prove it. It must be sad losing your kids. And i'm sorry for your Grand daughter. As a mother myself I would never even try to imagine the pain. So my prayers go out to you and yours. But just wait to see what happens. From what i know, he is schedualed for the 29th to go back to court.

  • You Dont Know The Facts Sep 16, 2011

    Grandmother...one can only possibly imagine your pain and suffering right now. Hang in there and ask God for strength. I am sure both families are doing just that. I have never endured what you and your family are enduring right now; pray I never do. If there is one thing the media has taught us in recent history, it is that there are always facts in a case that come to light during the trial that explains. I believe you have noticed coverages of a tragic event where things look one way but are finally revealed to be another. People looking for their lost child, only to be found out later that they were the ones who were responsible for their dissapearance. I am not saying this could be one of those cases. I encourage everyone in this post to be patient and await the trial. We have the best judicial system in the world and it works most of the time. Everyone send out your prayers to the families associated with this terrible event, stop the hatred, await the trial.

  • mrmea5 Sep 16, 2011

    Grandmother here...for all of you that are reading this story for the first time...try to live the story from the beginning to now...try knowing the truth from the beginning and not being able to say anything...try it...can you imagine getting a phone call from your kids and hear everyone screaming in the background and you not able to take their pain away...have you ever heard your grown child cry?...a sound that broke a mother’s heart from 3000 miles away...there the next day but not in time to say goodbye...don’t judge less ye be judged...isn’t that what the Lord says...now I know that a lot of these post are done by reporters or his family members trying to get the story or attempting to put him in a better light...the truth will come out...I suggest that they attend the trial...I have faith in the system...don’t fail my grand baby or her family that loves and still loves her...I will not be there...because if I lay eyes on him...I might not be able to control myself...I wr

  • missjuly10 Sep 15, 2011

    Reguardless, facts are facts. Whoever they can prove did it, will be punished, but don't assume because you were "close to this child" that you know what happens when you aren't around.

    Baby Somiah didn't deserve this.

  • iceeeyez81 Sep 14, 2011

    I was close to this child. I was there when she was born and was holding her hand when life support had to be turned off. I know this family very well and I can tell you they loved their baby like I have never seen a Mom and Dad love a child. I don't know what I am ok to say or not to say but I can tell you she did not lose her life due to anyone but the man who was watching her, without the consent of her mother or father, that night. Instead of judging the situation why not pray for the ones who loved and lost this child and pray that justice is served!!

    RIP Somiah!! Always and Forever in our hearts!!!!

  • missjuly10 Sep 14, 2011

    I don't know. All I know is that the whole story isn't here. Who know's if that baby was already abused in her own home. I'm not trying to defend any one here, but someone needs to put the story straight so this baby can rest. They said that she had prior bruising to the face. Who know's if her parents were responsible for that or not. So before people keep throwing blame around, we need the facts. Yes, the baby was with that man when she was hurt, but he did call 911 when it happened. Which is what any normal person would do. I am sorry for the loss of this innocent life, and i'm sorry for what she went through behind closed doors that people aren't telling. We just need the hard facts. If they can find enough evidence that surely proves his guilt, then so be it. But to throw blame to him directly with out knowing all of the evidence is ignorant. Innocent until proven guilty. Period.

  • lakeyk1 Sep 14, 2011

    With or without "the whole story", it appears it is the "same old story"....another innocent, clueless infant losses it's beautiful life to an adult that doesn't want to be botthered with a little cild that only knows to communicate through crying when hungry, sleepy or not feeling good and trusting in it's parent(s) to help them. So many parents letting either someone they think they know, if only a day or a week, keep their child. The babysitter that was to keep the child, if she needed to run an errand, should have sent her boyfriend and she stay with the child. I pray the sitter and her boyfriend get life in prison "WITHOUT PAROLE"!!!!!!!! because I know the death penalty is out of the sentencing. God Bless this innocent child and may she receive the justice she so deserves. lakeyk1