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Fayetteville man accused of stabbing grandmother

Posted August 2, 2012

— A Fayetteville man has been arrested in the stabbing of his grandmother, police said Thursday.

Adriel Jarrod Wynn, 19, of South View Circle, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to kill. He was being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $75,000 bond.

Officers responding to a reported assault in the 800 block of South View Circle at about 7 p.m. Wednesday found that Willie Coakly had been stabbed several times, police said. She was taken to Cape Fear Valley Hospital for treatment of wounds that weren't considered life-threatening.

Police later found Coakly's SUV, which was taken after the attack, and arrested Wynn.


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  • not my real name Aug 3, 2012

    no excuse for this behavior

  • justafella Aug 2, 2012

    You are absolutely correct smumfrey, May Gods love be upon all involved.

  • smumfrey Aug 2, 2012

    He doesn't, and never has, lived with his grandmother. He has a job. He attended college. HONESTLY -- do you all have so much hate in your hearts that you need to spew falsehoods in commentary on a short, undetailed news article? Again: I don't know why he did this. It's a shock to everyone who knows him and his family. I think it best to reserve judgement until the entire story has been told rather than automatically assume he was taking advantage of her, attempting to steal from her, or went after her in a drug-induced rage. And I find it quite ironic that you are all making references to "laying hands" or saying prayers all the while casting judgement upon a person when you do not have any facts upon which to base such outlandish remarks.

  • OneLove Aug 2, 2012

    "but we have no idea why it occured, but it wasn't over money or her car. He needs neither of those things." ------ that statement contradicts itself horribly. If you have no idea.......YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

  • amf0915 Aug 2, 2012

    smumfrey- Because something like this should never happen in any situation. Humans like to think the worst of a situation and I'd say this is the worst, no matter if drugs, money, or a car was involved. Nothing like this should have ever resulted in stabbing your own grandmother. There had to have been a motive behind it, but the is no motive strong enough in this world that would make me stab my grandmother. He needs to grow up and learn somethings before he should be able to live outside of prison walls.

  • halfpint1552 Aug 2, 2012

    If he would do this to his own grandmother, imagine what he would do to a complete stranger. Throw away the key!!!

  • SFSOLDIER Aug 2, 2012

    "He grew up in a loving home, with both parents. He is not on drugs of any kind. Honestly: why do people jump to such outlandish conclusions when something like this happens? It's horrible, but we have no idea why it occured, but it wasn't over money or her car. He needs neither of those things."


  • Grumpy Old F__t Aug 2, 2012

    This " It's Mines" attitude happens when we spoil our children. They are told you're special, great job, here's your trophy for doing NOTHING! When you are not required to work, perform, study, etc and yet you get stuff all becomes valueless, yes even your Grandmother. May God's healing hands be upon her both physically and spiritually. It must be devastating to think that the child of your child would coldly stab you over things.

  • whats happening Aug 2, 2012

    If the grandmother doesn't press charges against him hopefully the police department will! There is just no excuse for this behavior...if he has to act like this then he needs his own home, car, job, food and everything else. Chances are he doesn't have either anyway.

  • whats happening Aug 2, 2012

    Either way, the boy needs help. Whether it is for anger control, substance abuse, mental illness.. I don't know. But before any of this help takes place, somebody needs to 'lay hands on him'. I hate to see this type of violence go on especially on an elderly person. She has probably done all she can for him. Its time for him to move on. She doesn't need this type of lifestyle around her.