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Fayetteville man accused of raping teenage girl

Posted March 9, 2012

— Fayetteville police arrested a 35-year-old man Friday and charged him with raping a girl who was under the age of 16.

Timothy Lee Leggette, of the 1900 block of Hope Mills Road, met the girl through a friend of the family and had sex with her multiple times from February through July 2011, according to police.

He is charged with 22 counts of statutory rape, 23 counts of indecent liberties with a minor, one count of crimes against nature and one count of statutory sex offense, which are all felonies.

He was being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $575,000 secured bond.


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  • NCTeacher4327 Mar 12, 2012

    lilrednekgrl--The word is "opposed."

  • Zoey0815 Mar 9, 2012

    Well put Sunshine1040

  • NotAgain Mar 9, 2012

    The way these mothers dress their kids these days, it is hard to tell how old they are. They all want to be all grown up. Risky Business.

  • sunshine1040 Mar 9, 2012

    He is 35 cant he find someone his own age to play with. Drive down the murch I am sure he will find some women his own age that want to pay

  • sunshine1040 Mar 9, 2012

    This is probably not the first child he has been with and unless he he locked away from females is will not be the last. But some of you would rather a man like this in your neighborhood then a gay couple that will not molest your children

  • anne53ozzy Mar 9, 2012

    carroln read the statutes. Secondly..oh well..never mind because if you think this is ok..words cannot speak to that

  • SailbadTheSinner Mar 9, 2012

    The Age of Consent has changed radically throughout history and across cultures.

    I’ve heard it said that children grow up quicker these days, but I’m not so sure.

    For example, in North Carolina in 1889, the Age of Consent was 10.

    This information is based on the book “Raleigh: An Unorthodox History of North Carolina’s Capital” by Marshall Lancaster (ISBN 1-878086-15-4). I have made no real effort to verify the accuracy of the statement, but it does agree with information about other states during the same time period.

    On a more personal level, my partner had consensual sex when she was 15. I didn’t do the deed until I was 18, but is sure wasn’t because I didn’t want to....

    The bottom line is that Iit’s the Law", but that doesn’t go very far when it comes to the reality of human sexuality....


  • carroln Mar 9, 2012

    was it consentual or did he force his self on her? If she consented then it is not a felony is it. I know it's wrong but i was just wondering because the statue of limitation runs out in a few years and if he is not convicted he will get away and hide out until it goes away.

  • lilrednekgrl Mar 9, 2012

    hmmmmmmmm, and to think people are Apposed to the Sex Offender registry..... Perhaps he will move out of his Neighborhood right next door to those apposed.

    Sad these type of "people" live in our society.

  • poohpdoo2002 Mar 9, 2012

    How this man thought it was okay to do this is incomprehensible!