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Fayetteville hospital settles wrongful death claim

Posted May 3, 2012

— The mother of a mentally ill man who died at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center has reached a settlement with the Fayetteville hospital.

Valerie Walker alleged in a wrongful death lawsuit filed last year that security guards killed her 28-year-old son, Andre Walker, when he went to the emergency room on April 17, 2011, for a psychiatric evaluation.

When he tried to leave, according to the suit, a guard put him in a choke hold while three others tried to restrain him.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.


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  • morebadnews May 4, 2012

    I realize this is not what this article i about but I have a questions for those that have said people should have to pass a drug test to receive DSS assistance (I assume that is what you mean by "welfare"). My question is do the children not deserve to have medical care and/or food becuase their parents use drugs? Now, I am sure someone will say well their kids should be in foster care if they use drugs so before that is said let me say that if a mother drops her child off at grandmas and chooses to smoke a joint then later pick her child up does not make her a bad parent. And secondly, we do not have enough foster homes as it is for children who actually need them. This about the children! They are the ones who will have to go without.

  • dgcreech May 4, 2012

    tshaw41391 - while I agree that wellfare people should pass drug tests and some people try to receive money even though they don't necessarily deserve it - who are you to say that the hospital isn't liable for his death within their facilities. He went to the hospital for a medical issue. Guards (employed by the hospital) placed him into a choke-hold (which in my opinion is far from proper procedure) and it ended up costing this man his life. Who cares if he had a mental condition or not? This hospital is also under heavy scrutiny for giving a patient a tylenol and telling him to go home because nothing was wrong with him... moments later, he died behind the wheel of his car. This hospital has **MANY** issues and they should be held responsible - regardless of what the condition is, ESPECIALLY if they are mentally handicapped.

  • tshaw41391 May 4, 2012

    A person died. That is sad. But, we have a person with mental problems. How much has this person cost us is his life? Who was looking after him? The caregiver should be held liable for this. If this was his mother, she should have been held liable for him. If he had a wife and kids, there should be help for them. But, with a mental problem, how could he support them? We have people just getting money for having kids. Did his mother get any money for raising this son? We are giving money to unwed mothers for having babies. We give money for raising the mental and medical problem babies. Also, the governer wants to give money to the mental problem girls which were fixed becacuse they did not have babies. But, these were girls that could not raise the kids. They did not have the mental ability to raise the kids. We need to take a closer look at the system. All the welfare people need to take and pass a drug test. Also, they need to be put to work.

  • fayncmike May 4, 2012

    I hope the family got a bundle!

  • Sherlock May 3, 2012

    Just give me money

  • warbirdlover May 3, 2012

    I know lets just beat the the mental illness out of them. We all know it's just a learner behavior and they are not born that way. Sarcasm Font Off!!!!!!

  • warbirdlover May 3, 2012

    Most Rent A Cops I have ever meet are bullys whom think they are Dirty Harry. I hope they paid out the nose. Mentally ill people are just that ill. You cannot expect them to act like normal people. I havea mentally ill child. You never inlet from one minute to the nextnhownthey are going react to unfamiliar situations. Compassion is needed not brutality.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 May 3, 2012

    Glad that the mother went after them. More should do the same and this would stop.

  • eoglane May 3, 2012

    The people should be in a mental hospital. Guards are not trained to deal with such. If I was the company guarding Cape Fear I would pull out and let the people police their ownself. NOT, the low life criminals with not respect for mom and gangs would take over.

  • Scotsman2k May 3, 2012

    Rachel, I have worked in psych units off and on for years. Yes I have been hit, bitten,scratched, etc. What I try to remember is that these people are disturbed in one way or another. I have never helped treat a, "so called patient". They either ARE or they are not. I have to wonder if you might consider a career change if you refer to the people that have come seeking treatment as "fools". If every person with a mental or emotional problem was kind,gentle and agreeable the world would be a nicer place. You would also be out of a job.